Shut Out: Liberalism and the Attack on Anglo-Canada

Paul Bradley
Council of European Canadians
February 8, 2016

Trudeau says Canada is Gay Pride
Trudeau says Canada is Gay Pride

“Ethnic” pride? Step right up. Gay pride? Join the parade. French-Canadian pride — good to go — just be careful not to offend anyone down at the local mosque. Anglo-Canadian pride? Now that is racist.

Pourquoi? It is possible no one knows the answer to such a question. What we do know, however, is that within Canadian society it is entirely taboo to display any measure of pride in being a Canadian of European descent.

At present, no bigger proponent of this belief system exists than the man Canadians recently voted in as Prime Minister — Justin Trudeau. Of course, he comes buy it honestly — so-to-speak. His father Pierre is not only the ideological founder of multiculturalism, but also the individual who, without the consent of the Canadian public, drove the related legislation through parliament in 1988.

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Trudeau says Canada is Islamic Pride

It is one thing for father and son Trudeau, along with those having a vested interest (both occupationally and financially) in multiculturalism to be riding the high horse of the diversity bandwagon. It is another thing entirely for those whose family heritage is rooted in the history of English Canada to do so. This is where things have become mighty sketchy.

Why would Canadians of European descent support a government-enforced policy leading directly to the demise of their personal heritage? Are these Canadians so filled with self-loathing they will allow a tiny cabal of diversity-obsessed pundits to erode the cultural and religious identity from which the majority of our citizenship derive? No one can answer — perhaps because it is so very difficult to fathom. We can, however, speculate on reasons why — beginning with the idea that for decades, Canadian society has been under the spell of the most effective propaganda campaign this side of Tiannamen Square.


Trudeau says Canada is Sikh Pride

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, when questioned regarding the forces working to remove him as Prime Minister, labelled the perpetrators with a most fitting term — Canada’s “elites”. This loose collective of academics, multicultural organizations and political opportunists — as well as the media outlets which tow their line — have influenced our society to the extent that any semblance of pride in Canada’s European heritage is strictly off-limits.

Celebrating Chinese New Year? Budget is approved. Requesting Punjabi street signs in Prince George, BC? Rubber-stamped by City Council. Islamic Heritage Month in Vancouver? Deputy Mayor Raymond Louie gave it his blessing. English Heritage Month in Medicine Hat? Why, you bigoted s.o.b.

Simply put, our nation has been turned upside down by the power of political correctness. A partial list of those responsible include Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien — and of course, Justin Trudeau — who recently decided on behalf of 35 million Canadians our nation has no defined identity, and is to be defined merely upon the nebulous concept of “shared values”.

Will our glamour-boy Prime Minister be the person to pound the final nail in the coffin of traditional Canadian heritage? After witnessing his globalist rhetoric during his first three months in office, Canadians can rest assured there isn’t a finer candidate on the planet. Never mind the millions of conservative-leaning Canadians who take pride in a Canada founded upon western values of democracy, national heritage and personal freedom. For Justin Trudeau and his mighty gang of globalists, that’s just all so “twentieth century”.


Trudeau says Canada is Radical Feminist Pride

What then shall be our destiny? Will European-Canadian identity — whatever shreds of it that still exist — continue to go gentle into that good night of cultural oblivion? Perhaps, although after witnessing a recent political turning of tides within a number of European nations, there may still be a chance Canadians of European heritage will wake out of their collective slumber and demand a return to the dignity they so rightfully deserve.

To avoid obsolescence and remain a vital component of a healthy society, political ideology must remain adaptable to the ebbs and flows of societal change. Until it is understood that a fair and equitable policy of diversity must be inclusive of our Anglo-Canadian community, multiculturalism will result in little more than disharmony and conflict within Canada’s social order.