Shut It Down: Libertarian Cartoonist Ben Garrison Demands an End to Free Speech on the Internet

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 22, 2014

Ben Garrison is fed up with Jew hatred and Holocaust denial and wants to shut it down.
Ben Garrison is fed up with Jew hatred and Holocaust denial and wants to shut it down.

I am not a Libertarian and in no way endorse their political, economic and social theories, which I find generally crackpotish.  One of their theories is “absolute free speech.” While I believe the right to political speech should not be infringed, Libertarians twist the First Amendment and use it to defend pornography (even child pornography), homosexual propaganda and cursing in front of children.

So, given that they are willing to defend all forms of moral degeneracy in defense of this new definition of “free speech,” I found it quite strange that the Libertarian cartoonist Ben Garrison has recently come out and condemned “hate speech,” and called for censorship all over the internet in the name of stopping the hate, supporting a Jewish anti-free speech group which wants people rounded-up and thrown in prison for their political beliefs.

Garrison has long been in an apoplectic state over the fact that devoted Antisemites have used their rights of free speech to alter his ridiculous cartoons, which openly lie about the nature of our problems, and making them factually accurate.

In a long, rambling and side-splittingly hilarious blog post on his GrrrGraphic’s site, Garrison whined about all of the 4chan folks who have trolled him in various brilliant ways, and demanded that someone “shut it down” before the hate goes viral.

He began talking about how someone had set up a Facebook page showcasing alterations of his cartoons, and how this is some type of secret plot against the Jews by an organized group of extremists.

It appears that trolls are no longer content just to talk to each other on sordid sites such as ‘4chan’ or ‘Stormfront.’ They want to go mainstream.  Therefore, social media are a natural target for them. Do they really believe the vitriolic memes they are shoveling or are they merely playing an elaborate prank? It doesn’t matter. Their memes of hate must not go mainstream. Facebook must wake up and block the hate before it gets established. Hate speech is not free speech. Hate speech is blind, one-dimensional blackness. It is not reasoned debate.  It loudly shouts for the murder of human beings and Facebook is providing them a megaphone for that purpose.

Wait, who is calling for the murder of human beings, Ben?  Because that is already illegal.  We do not need new laws to stop that.

After crying a river of big salty ones, he proclaims that he has decided to work with a Jewish anti-free speech internet troll organization in order to help them shut down political incorrectness on the intertubes.

For a while, I didn’t even know Facebook trolls were posting libelous hate pages using the Ben Garrison name until two people from the Online Hate Prevention Institute contacted me. They spent their time and resources to assist me. They used their connections to help get the offending page removed, and I’m very grateful for their help.

He then closes with a call for an army of pro-Jewish trolls to shut it down.

I’ve found I’m not alone in the battle against trolls. It is a daily, on-going occurrence on social media that affects many lives. It’s time for people to speak out against the hate. Report the pages. Complain to Facebook. Take action. Good people can come together and outnumber the trolls!

The Australia-based OHPI has since published a propaganda pamphlet calling for a total end to freedom of political speech using Garrison’s artwork on the cover.

In this sickening text, we read:

Formed in January 2012, the OHPI’s vision is to change online culture so hate in all its forms becomes as socially unacceptable online as it is “in real life”. This hate ranges from cyberbullying of individuals to attacks on minorities and other segments of society. We have addressed hate based on race, religion, sexuality, gender, military service and targeting police, fire fighters and politicians. At the individual level we have provided assistances in cases of cyberbully, cyberstalking and trolling.

OHPI’s mission is to be a world leader in combating online hate, and a critical partner who works with key stakeholders to improve the prevention, mitigation and response to such forms of online hate. The Government, its departments and its agencies are of course critical partners we wish to work with in the pursuit of this mission. We thank you for this public consultation and the opportunity to share our thoughts on this important topic.

In other words: shut it down.

shut it down jew

The piece then goes into complex explanations of how to manipulate the government into removing people’s basic freedoms and imprisoning people for their political beliefs.

Garrison is now producing more cartoons for his Jewish allies, demanding that free speech end and anyone who does not like Jews or cannot accept the fantastical fairy tales of the Holocaust be arrested.

Garrison cartoon on the Twitter feed, portraying Antisemites as masturbating weirdos.
Garrison cartoon on the OHPI Twitter feed, portraying Antisemites as masturbating weirdos.

I recognize that Ben Garrison is an individual, and cannot be held up as representative of the whole of Libertarianism, but at the same time, he is a representative of an individual Libertarian, and his refusal to uphold his own beliefs when he feels bad about something goes a long way toward demonstrating the utterly bankrupt nature of the Libertarian ideology.

“Hate speech is not free speech” is a common fallacy and work-around for everyone attacking our rights to express our distaste for the lies of the Jews and their Occupational Governments in America and Europe.  It is the most spineless of weaselling, as once laws against it are established, anything that the Jews do not like can be classified as “not free speech.”  We are not allowed to ask for evidence of gas chambers at Auschwitz, but the Muslims are allowed to call for people to be beheaded for insulting their crappy religion and the Jews are allowed to publish videos of low self-esteem blonde girls with absent fathers getting gang-banged by Negroes.

Garrison’s conversion, sadly, appears to represent a coming trend where folks such as Rand Paul and other “right wing” figures will begin climbing on the Big Jewish Bullsh*t train, and demanding and end to freedom right along with the liberals who have been demanding this for decades.


This article was originally conceived as a sarcastic/satirical piece, claiming that someone was impersonating the famous Antisemitic cartoonist Ben Garrison and trying to use his reputation as a respectable figure in the Neo-Nazi movement to push a Jewish agenda. This guy is just so much fun to troll.  However, I felt that this campaign by Garrison to shut down the internet was important enough that it needed to be looked at seriously, and thus far I believe I am the first to do so.  In the near future, I may write a troll piece.