Turkey: Feminists Riot Against Patriarchy, Moslem Men Do Not Stop Them

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2018

What the hell, Erdogan?

You mean to tell me that your roachlings are raping everything in sight in Germany, but back home, you have these sluts lecturing you to death on the streets?

What ever happened to Brown Sharia?

Globe Post Turkey:

Turkish riot police on Sunday fired tear gas and used their shields to halt an unauthorized march in Istanbul marking an international day calling for an end to violence against women.

The police action, launched after several orders for the crowd to disperse, prevented a thousand demonstrators moving along Istiklal avenue, the main shopping thoroughfare in Istanbul.

Protesters responded by yelling “We will not be silent”, “We are not afraid” and “We will not obey”.

Indeed, being silent is one thing that they are not doing.

Erdogan, can you explain to me why you have lost the ability to keep your women silent, fearful and obedient? I thought you did some big crackdown auto-coup and now you were going to rule like Jupiter.

Why didn’t your guys deploy truncheons and clobber through those whores like Mount and Blade slavers?

You could have even sold us a few to make up for the whole Islamic slave trade thing you did. Some of them look pretty enslavable, if you know what I mean.

8/8, would bludgeon.

After a tense face-to-face confrontation with police, which lasted nearly two hours, the marchers broke off into side streets to yell their slogans before eventually leaving the area.

Peaceful protests marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women were held in many other cities around the world over the weekend, most of them without police opposition.

“To be a woman in Turkey is to suffer violence from men in all areas of life, whether at work or at home,” one demonstrator, Yasemin Esmer, told AFP.

Yes – in all areas of life, except when screaming on the street.

I didn’t know you were doing the whole women police officer thing, Erdogan.

I used to respect you as an adversary – but now? I don’t even know anymore.

Can you explain to me what is even the point of being a Moslem country, if you’re going to cuck this hard?

They’re clearly getting off on this.

What is this Turkish lesbian scene doing in my news?

“We’re here to cry out our feeling of revolt. We are saying we are stronger when united,” said another, a student who didn’t give her name.

Violence against women is a recurrent issue in Turkey, where several hundred femicides are recorded each year.

An association, Stop Femicides, counted 409 murders of women or girls last year, and 328 in 2016.

The “Femicide” meme is truly the cringiest of all cringy feminist memes.

There are always more murders of men than murders of women, in any country. Death by violence is a men’s rights issue. You do not even have to know the stats of the country the woman is from, you can state this with absolute certainty and you will always be right.

In the current year, international bodies collect homicide statistics by gender and publish them on the internet.

According to the UN, women represent about 20% of the cases of homicide in Turkey, even though they represent about 50% of the population. So, they are less than half as likely to be murdered as men.

But, whatever. Being objectively wrong never stopped a woman from whining and demanding things.

Turkey still has a long way to go in the fight for gender equality. They need to crack down on these out-of-control sluts until the violence statistics reach parity.