Shoutout Columbus! Columbus, Ohio! YES!

Charles M. Suck – sorry, wait, I mean Charles M. Blow – of the Jew York Times has posted a map showing the home counties of the people arrested for the Capitol Storm.

Franklin County, the seat of the Capitol and my home town Columbus, Ohio, was one of only three black spots on the map – marking us as THE BEST.

Of course, entering the Capitol and molesting those podiums was PURE EVIL.

But I think it’s fair to assume that if people from Columbus were among the Stormers, they were also among the highest in the general crowd.

(Or I guess people from Ohio are more bold or stupid or whatever – I mean, it was a hysterical situation, but everyone there had at least an instance where it was like “should I really enter the building?”)

There is a reason people from Columbus are PISSED – our home has been turned into a dystopian nightmare, which is worse than a lot of cities in this country.

The entire city is flooded with fentanyl. Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia share a local Midwest culture in the larger Midwest culture and it is a culture that is highly receptive to OPIOIDS. It’s a deadly triangle.

What’s more, we’re the second highest recipient of Somalian invaders!

I can’t find a county map, but they’re all in Columbus, and I will tell you: between 2010 and 2016, there were a lot more than 5,659 new Somalians.

And we’ve had them going all the way back to the Clinton years. We have adult Somalians who were born in Columbus – and get this: they act exactly like Somalians from Somalia, only a lot worse! Way, way worse!

These two crises overlap in that Somalians are involved in trafficking fentanyl!

No one cares about this. No one cares about us. Not one single cocksucker in Washington was doing a thing about what was happening in our state and our city, and Donald Trump at least tried.

And of course, it wasn’t unique to us, but we got hit pretty bad with the Black Lives Matter rioting. I know someone personally who found one of the infamous “pallets of bricks” in the bushes beside the road.

That’s why so many people were fully ride or die for this orange sonovabitch.

It’s just incredible that people continue to believe in this democracy system as the world comes down around them.