Should White People Just Die?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 8, 2020

Trinity College sociology professor Johnny Williams

At least we’re finally having the discussion as to whether maybe we should just start killing all white people.

No pretenses.

The College Fix:

Trinity College sociology professor Johnny Williams is the gift that keeps on giving, so to speak.

In an end-of-February op-ed in the Hartford Courant, Williams says white people preside over an “oppressive system,” and when people of color “refuse to abide” by this system, they’re accused of “inciting hatred and violence.”

The professor is referencing the controversy following comments he made about the shootings of GOP congressman Steve Scalise and others three years ago. Williams wrote that, in whatever predicament you may them, “let [white people] fucking die” … and to “smile a bit” when it happens.

The professor was suspended for his comments, but cleared of wrongdoing shortly thereafter.

He’s since gone on to say calls for “civility” merely serve to “uphold white supremacist heteropatriarchal capitalist power,” and that “‘White’ kneegrows really need a lot of therapy and a good ‘ol [sic] ass kicking.”

Makes sense.

This is from the essay, published in the Hartford Courant:

Whiteness is a shared conglomeration of fabricated meanings and ideas about biologically insignificant human differences. Whiteness only exists in relation or opposition to blackness and other fictitious racial categories created by whiteness adherents for the purpose of cementing a higher status and material advantage over other people that are excluded from being white. …

Contrary to my critics’ beliefs that whiteness is merely an identity — race and whiteness materialize as systemic white racism terroristic actions and practices with very real, tangible, and lethal effects.

Whiteness often goes unnoticed by self-identified whites in ways that divert them from considering their complicity in the daily white terrorism — wars, police and military occupations, poor housing, health, and education — directed at racially oppressed groups.

Whiteness by its very definition and operation as a key element of white supremacy kills; it is mental and physical terrorism. To end the white terrorism that is directed at racially oppressed people here and in other nations, it is essential that self-identified whites and their whiteness collaborators among the racially oppressed confront their white problem head-on, unencumbered by racial comfort.

Wow, yeah.


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