Shopping Stampede Demonstrates What the UK is Becoming Under Foreign Occupation

Patrick O’Brian
White Genocide Project
January 5, 2015

A video captured at a budget-clothing store in Dewsbury England, is causing uproar after it was covertly recorded and the images uploaded to the Internet. A secret camera was set up to capture the flood of people entering the store for a Boxing Day sale, but the shoppers recorded in the video say they are offended, apparently it was filmed without their consent. The thing is though, literally EVERY LAST PERSON entering this store is non-White, most are of Pakistani origin (note, the British press like to call these people Muslim to shift the focus off their racial identity).

This video really is an insight into the effects of White genocide. Online statistics for Dewsbury are sketchy at best, with sources quoting the majority population as being BORN in England, a mealy-mouthed way to avoid stating the White English numbers.

So what are the White English demographics in this once all White mining town located in the beautiful West Yorkshire area? A link from the BBC might give us an idea. Discussing a school in Dewsbury it says:

“At Eastborough School 15 years ago 5% of the children were of Asian origin. Now there are 67%, and the younger classes have considerably more, one class being 100% Asian”

Can you imagine the uproar if a class in a Tibetan school was 100% Chinese? Who could imagine such a thing in 2015?! Here’s the kicker though, that quote is from an article written back in 1986! Seems like Dewsbury was very much ahead of the trend in terms of White Genocide and now we are seeing the full effects of it in 2015! People should have listened to opponents of White genocide back in 1986 instead of calling them smear names. But I suppose the anti-White establishment was using their usual lies back then, presumably saying things won’t change the racial make up of England and that “diversity” is a positive change because of all the new restaurants to eat at.

Remember, when they say that an area needs more diversity what they really mean is no more White people. The diversity sociopaths won’t be happy until they have literally chased down the last White person in the last White area and made it “diverse”.

Let’s face facts; “diversity” is just a code word for White genocide.