Shoplifter Negress Runs Over Accomplice Negress with Getaway Car, Runs Away; Negress Dead

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
September 18, 2018

In news that will come as a shock to absolutely no one who has peered into the dark rabbit hole of the Race War vertical, it has been discovered that sheboons are willing to run their sheboon friends over for a thousand bucks worth of Chinese merchandise from Walmart.

CBS Baltimore:

38-year-old Chermaine Mayo is the woman authorities said ran over and killed her own friend while trying to flee from a shoplifting spree.

“For me, it’s really sad to see that someone could just dehumanize someone like that and leave the scene,” says Captain Joe Zurolo, Elkton Police Department.

You can’t dehumanize niggers if they aren’t even human.

The spree happened around 1 a.m. on September 8.

Police said Mayo and her two accomplices, Donisha Harris and Keneesha Cunningham, tried leaving the Walmart off Pulaski Highway without paying for over $1,000 worth of merchandise.

A security officer followed the trio and tried snapping photos of their car.

“In an attempt to conceal the tag, the victim, Kaneesha Cunningham, jumped on the trunk of the vehicle and tried to use her body to cover tag,” said Captain Zurolo.

Well, now I understand why they get so fat. I used to assume it was just because their low intelligence corresponds to high impulsivity and lack of self-awareness, but now I realize what they’re really up to. All this time, they’ve just been plotting to use their nigger lard to cover up tags while they steal Chinese crap.

Asian families still shame their kids for being even a little too fat. We can learn from this.

Police said Mayo was behind the wheel and reversed, hitting a curb, leaving Cunningham trapped under the car before reversing and hitting another curb.

“It’s crazy, I mean a total disregard of life in my opinion. They didn’t even attempt to at least render air” said Captain Zurolo.

Cunningham was pronounced dead on the scene, while the other two suspects fled on foot and were quickly apprehended.

Shoppers are now trying to fathom the crazy story.

“Not even like try to help her. They just ran. It blows my mind,” said Brittany Savage, of Elkton.

mind: blown

Yeah, I mean, they’re so great at shoplifting and driving cars. I’m sure they would have been really competent at rendering first aid to their sheboon comrade, right?

The only thing that blows my mind, is that this still blows anyone’s mind.

How exactly can one live in Baltimore, of all places, and not be completely woke to the NQ? This sort of “my mind is blown, this is dehumanizing, I’m so shocked, how could they even?” rhetoric should be denouced as what it is – Cultural Imperialism. It’s just another case of white people disregading the values of another people without even pausing to consider them, and attempting to impose our own values.

Telling black people that black lives matter is racist. They have to decide for themselves if black lives matter.

If they decide that they don’t matter, we have to respect them. Every time they pretend that black lives matter, they are just spouting talking points from their Jew masters. It’s literally slavery all over again.

Real niggers like Chermaine Mayo are trying to tell us every day that black lives don’t matter.

It’s time for us white people to check our privilege, stop talking, and listen.