Shooting in Zimbabwe Shows That the System Believes Chinese are White

The Jews are threatened by the beautiful alabaster skin of the gooks.

Asians were already getting docked by Affirmative Action systems, because they have higher IQs. But now we’re moving into ultra-overdrive, where Asians are being hit with total race hoaxes.

The system treats Asians as if they are white. They really need to understand that, and start siding with us against the Jews and their minions.


The shooting of two Zimbabwean workers by a Chinese boss shows the “systematic and widespread” abuse that locals face in Chinese mining operations, says the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Society (ZELA).

In a court affidavit, police said Zhang Xuen shot an employee five times and wounded another at the mine he runs in Gweru province, in central Zimbabwe, during a row with workers over outstanding pay.

Zhang has been charged him with attempted murder, said Zimbabwe police spokesman Paul Nyathi.

According to local media reports, Zhang did not enter a plea because there was no approved interpreter in court. He will remain in custody until at least July 7, the report said.

The shooting happened on Sunday morning, when miner Kenneth Tachiona confronted Zhang after he allegedly refused to pay his wages in US dollars, as agreed, according to the affidavit.

Tachiona charged toward Zhang, who then drew his gun, shooting the worker three times on his right thigh and twice on the left, according to the affidavit.

Police said Zhang fired another shot at workers, and one of the bullets grazed the chin of a member of staff. The wounded workers are being treated at a private hospital.

A video that many alleged to be of the incident has circulated on social media in Zimbabwe, provoking public anger and calls from a local watchdog for a re-evaluation of Chinese mining operations in the country.

“Systematic abuse” and blah blah blah.


The Chinese came out and said they supported the guy being prosecuted by local authorities:

This is a race hoax – against the Chinese!

This one Chinaman is being made to represent the entire gook race, just as that party monster who did the Israel knee maneuver on George Floyd has been made to represent all whites.

The guy shot people and now he’s being prosecuted for murder. Seems pretty cut and dry and clean. No one supports shooting people. The fact that a Chinese person shot some blacks shouldn’t speak to any kind of “systematic” anything. If it is relevant to something systematic, it should be relevant to the systematic whininess and poor work ethic of the blacks that drove this Chinaman over the edge.

But no.

CNN and the larger global Jew system is framing this as “Chinese are basically like whites in that they abuse the blacks for no reason on purpose because of hatred for the color of the skin.”

Well, Chinese – you’d better wake up and figure this out and realize that we’re your natural allies against the Jews. Because they’ve officially announced an intent to come for you.