Shooting in Portland, Fed Cops Arrest and Release Some of Them Folks

A shooting in Portland? Arrested by federal cops?

Well, you’d better hope Portland presses charges. William Barr wouldn’t press charges against an Antifa rioter even if ze killed a federal cop.

You see, William Barr is really busy finding even more things to charge Julian Assange with. He unfortunately just doesn’t have time to acknowledge that our country is burning down.

He also of course won’t call up the media for questions relating to sedition with their referring to the besieged Portland courthouse as a “contested federal courthouse.”

Because the biggest threat to America right now is Julian Assange. Hands down.

USA Today:

Violence continued Sunday night near the contested federal courthouse, with local police temporarily detaining two people after a gunshot, and federal agents tackling and detaining at least six protesters before seizing weapons and shields from their encampment.

“Get off me, get off me!” a woman screamed as at least three federal agents swarmed over her, shoving her to the street and holding her down. Several of her fellow protesters tried to push the agents off, but were warned back by a camouflaged agent with a rifle.

A handful of other protesters were tackled, restrained and either frog-marched into the courthouse or loaded into marked police vehicles. Federal agents then searched the encampment that’s sprung up in a city park across the street, looking through tents and containers before removing shields, gas masks and other protest supplies, including several sticks, chemical sprayers and an empty gas can.

It was unclear what precipitated the arrests around 1:20 a.m., but they came during an evening of tension heightened by a reported shooting around 7:30 p.m. in the protest encampment. Police briefly detained two people in connection with that incident, and later released pictures of loaded rifle magazines and two Molotov cocktails they found nearby. It remained unclear early Monday if the shooting was connected to the protest, and police said the magazines and firebomb “appear to be unrelated” to the shooting.

Yeah, I mean, that’s no good, sure. But you know.

It’s not something that warrants more than a “brief detainment” when the Justice Department is so busy with Assange and like, hunting Chinese spies who are trying to violate our intellectual properties.

There’s only so much time, so you have priorities and stockpiling weapons to use in an assault on a federal building just simply is not a top priority these days.

All last week the area was the scene of violent confrontations between activists and federal officers. Videos posted to Twitter showed angry crowds confronting police investigating the shooting. Portland police have largely ceded the area to protesters for the past week, but arrived quickly following the reported shooting.

“As police were securing the scene a person arrived at a hospital by private vehicle with an apparent gunshot wound, non-life threatening. That person seems to have been associated with the incident,” police officials said in a statement.

Thousands of protesters have flocked to the streets surrounding the federal courthouse each night for nearly two months since the death of George Floyd on Memorial Day in Minneapolis, and while federal agents have been subjected to barrages of fireworks, bottles and flaming garbage, violence between protesters has been limited.

None of them ever charged for any of that, by the way.

I don’t really know how to make this anymore clear, but people don’t seem to be able to process it: the feds have been sent in for the sole purpose of fighting these rioters. They are not pressing charges against any of them. If they arrest them, they then let them go, because the local authorities are also refusing to press any charges.

It is virtually impossible to believe it is actually happening like this, but it is actually even more impossible to believe that the media somehow doesn’t point it out and just reports all of this while tip-toeing around that fact, or acting like it’s normal.

Activists aligned with the Black Lives Matter social justice movement have said they are worried the focus on federal law enforcement and the courthouse risks diluting their efforts to overhaul the Portland police department. Protests have taken place every day since Floyd’s death, but exploded in size last week after President Donald Trump ordered a heightened federal presence to protect federal buildings and restore order.

All that time, the protest area has largely been void of local law enforcement officials. Police no longer routinely patrol the streets in the area, mostly turning a blind eye to people spray painting graffiti on surrounding buildings, setting small fires, destroying pedestrian walk signals, illegally camping in a park and urinating in doorways. In their place, self-appointed guardians manage traffic, provide meals and aid protesters hit with tear gas. And at night they clash with federal agents.

Early on Sunday night, activist and artist Donovan Smith, 28, climbed atop a pickup parked in the middle of the protest and told attendees the Black community must focus on more than just police reform.

“We are doing worse today in Oregon than we were 50 years ago,” he said, calling for the crowd to vote for Black City Council members willing to restructure the police department and examine issues of economic inequality.

Sunday’s crowd was substantially smaller than the estimated 4,000 people who attended Saturday night and saw far less interaction between protesters and federal agents until about midnight, when the two sides exchanged a short volley of fireworks and glass bottles, answered by tear gas.


It’s sort of become like a sport.

There are no consequences for anyone involved, and the feds appear to be enjoying themselves. It’s a bit like the “eternal battleground” trope from various fantasy novels.

Every night, both sides just go out to do the same thing again.

It’s just so incredible that normies don’t see to be asking why these people aren’t all facing federal charges for rioting against a federal building and an army of federal cops. But I guess without someone explaining what is going on, they just assume this is normal. The media is acting like the only thing abnormal is that Donald Trump would try to stop them from conquering and presumably burning down a federal building.

It’s funny to think that the media is now saying that people who destroy federal buildings are the good guys, because I remember when they were the bad guys.

But hey, yeah I guess he was mainly just bad because he was an Antisemite, and Antisemitism is pure evil and killed the six million.

This time around, the Antisemites are inventing myths about how there is violence happening in Portland and then harassing victimized Jew Congressmen about it.

(Just so you understand, yes, that is Jew Congressman Jerry Nadler saying that violence in Portland is a myth. That happened in real life this week.)