Shooting in CHOP! One Black Dead!

There’s been a shooting inside of the CHOP in Seattle, according to the media and the cops. One person was reported dead early Saturday, according to media and tweets, and the cops have confirmed they’re investigating.

So the Seattle PD is going to investigate a shooting in the autonomous area?

How do the residents feel about this?

I always hate to state the obvious, but I thought the whole point was that they didn’t need the cops, because cops were bad and provide nothing to society. But then all of a sudden a black shoots another black – something that happens dozens of times a day in this country – and the cops are going in to solve it?

Surely, if they are capable of living without the cops, they should be able to deal with something as routine as a black-on-black murder. If they can’t deal with something this basic, then what can they deal with?

Unfortunately, this situation draws attention to the underlying retardation of the overall situation. If this was a bunch of white hippies doing peace and love and complaining that they were being brutalized for selling acid, there would be arguments to be made with regards to a plan to allow them to run their own wacky drug utopia.

But this isn’t just white hippies on drugs. This is white hippies allying with violent black thugs, and the only way to have a black society without cops is to simply tolerate regular murder.

What I’m waiting for is the argument that the blacks murder each other regardless of whether or not there are police. This may actually be a viable argument. They can say that police do nothing to prevent the murders, and that they very rarely solve the murders, so it makes more sense to just allow the blacks to kill each other and do nothing about it.

That is sort of the logical end to all of this, I think. Maybe CHOP will block the cops coming in to investigate this by shouting, “he’s already dead, it doesn’t matter now, just go!”

I don’t know if they have anyone there who is smart enough to understand how much it will undermine their agenda if the cops are allowed in to investigate a murder. Surely, they had people smart enough to know that they were counting down the minutes until blacks started killing each other, so someone there must have thought about it.

As far as I’m able to tell, at time of writing, the cops have not yet entered the CHOP.

When they do, it will be the moment of truth.