Shooting at MILO Event in Seattle – Anti-Semites or Fag-Bashers???

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 21, 2017

A shooting at a MILO (all caps) event in Seattle!

MILO is a Jewish homosexual activist/terrorist.

Questions remain as to whether or not it was Anti-Semites or fag-bashers who engaged in the attack.

KOMO News:

A protest at the University of Washington over a controversial speaker turned ugly Friday night. Seattle police report that one person had been shot in the stomach and had to be removed from the crowd.

The person was shot behind Kane Hall. Seattle Fire said the victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center with possible life-theatening injuries.

Bricks and paint balloons were thrown at police and other members of the crowd. At some point, police responded with pepper spray.

The crowd mushroomed in size as hundreds of protesters from a Westlake Plaza protest and march arrived at Red Square on the UW campus.

Police were refusing to let people in. Several police were being hit with paint balloons, police said. One young man was hit in the face.

The young man claimed he was pulled into a crowd and then beaten for wearing a hat in support of Trump.

“The beat him like a bunch of pirhanas, they just attacked my son,” said his father. “I tried to get in there and tried to defend him and they started slugging me too.”

“I seriously stood on the edge, just trying to listen to what they were saying,” said the man. “I did nothing to aggitate them. The most I did was stand up there, wearing this hat. All I wanted to do was hear what they were chanting about and read their signs.”

Crowds of protester then lined the entrance to Kane Hall as VIP’s, who paid up to $250 a ticket to attend Yiannopoulos’ speech, and general ticket holders made their way inside. Police said at one point some protesters in masks attempted to rush the entrance, forcing police to push the line back and stop letting people inside.

Protesters then started chanting “Shut it down” in an effort to get police and the university to cancel the speech, while people waiting to get inside chanted, “let us in!”

We are living in strange days.