Shock as UN Publishes Report Mentioning Actual Real Life Environmental Problems

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2019

Unlike global warming, which is an idiotic hoax, deforestation and microplastics are real issues that actually are a threat to the environment and to people

Over the last decade, every organized movement ostensibly representing concern for the environment has been stripped of real issues and astroturfed with global warming hoax material.

As these people rattle on like lunatics about how we’ll all be underwater in 12 years if white people don’t shut down electricity and live like the Amish, the third world is cutting down ancient forests and pouring plastic into the oceans.

To my genuine shock and amazement, the UN has published a report dealing with actual environmental issues.

The Independent:

The world’s social and financial systems must undergo a huge transformation to revive the natural world that is vital for human life, a major UN report has concluded.

There should be an end to the focus on economic growth, international scientists warn.

They also say consumers in wealthy countries should waste less food, while world leaders should introduce urgent reforms including creating more green space in cities, bring in wildlife-friendly farming and curb wasteful consumption.

In the first comprehensive report on biodiversity by the UN, governments are also called on to:

-restore habitats such as native forests
-grow more food on less land
-crack down on illegal logging and fishing
-create marine protected areas
-reduce pollution and the flow of heavy metals and untreated wastewater into the environment

The study, endorsed by 130 countries, including the US, Russia and China, sets out a framework for halting what has been dubbed the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth, from insects to plant life and fish. It is the strongest call ever by global scientists for action.

But the experts warned that “vested interests” such as energy giants and farmers that benefit from subsidies and lack of regulations would oppose changes to the status quo.

All of those things on the list are real and serious problems.

However, all of this inevitably gets wrapped back into the “climate change” hysterical hoax. The UN and the various lunatics who now represent the entire environmentalist movement will pay lip service to these real issues, then go back to their vitriolic and incoherent ramblings about cities being flooded because of “fossil fuels” and demand that we establish a world government to pay taxes as penitence for it.

While the biggest aspect of the global warming hoax is to provide the quickest path to a world government by presenting an imminent doomsday scenario (a narrative that water and air pollution or deforestation can’t really provide), the almost total removal of any mention of real environmental problems from the public mind is also related to the global browning agenda.

While first world countries do produce environmental toxins such as plastic, pesticides and various other chemicals, most of them don’t enter the waterways due to treatment, and the level of pollution coming from the developed world is nothing compared to that of the third world.

Furthermore, we are protecting and regrowing our forests, and also doing bioengineering to maintain a balance among the wildlife that has been disturbed by human interference since the industrial era.


Safe drinking water:

Plastic in the water:

Air pollution:

The obvious solution to these problems is a reduction of the population of the third world, either through cutting the financial aid the West sends to subsidize their breeding or through some kind of sterilization program.

Looking at the data, we are also led to believe that brown people require some kind of white occupation in their countries to oversee them and stop them from destroying the environment.

Meanwhile, with the global warming hoax, they claim that CO2 is the main threat, which is emitted by mainly developed white countries due to their higher levels of development and higher standards of living.

Because it is imperative for the white genocide narrative that environmentalism is to be used to punish white people, the globalists have invented this anthropogenic global warming hoax while explicitly ignoring real environmental issues.

Even if it were actually real, it could easily be solved – even within their “12 years left” window – by replacing “fossil fuel” plants with nuclear plants. But this is never suggested or mentioned at all. Everything is just “you have to have a global government.”

All white people naturally want to protect the natural world. Why would we not?

Nonwhites, of course, simply do not care.

Because Jews control the world, all of the positive feelings that white people hold towards nature are being fed into this globalist hoax that destroys us, helps brown people and does nothing for the environment.

The goyim go along with it because the goyim will go along with whatever they are told to go along with, and irate young sluts will rampage against you if you do not accept the religious mythology created by the media.