Shockingly Sickening Baboon of Italy Calls for Sanctions on Dutch MEP Over Islamo-Facts

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 17, 2018

Let’s compare these two individuals.

Cécile Kyenge

Marcel de Graaff

Notice anything… strange here?

That’s right.

A short-haired woman vs. a long-haired man.

Voice of Europe:

Congolese-Italian Member of the European Parliament, Cécile Kyenge, wants sanctions for Dutch MEP Marcel de Graaff. According to Kyenge, de Graaff made “Islamophobic” statements during a debate in the European Parliament. 

De Graaff, a member of the Dutch Freedom Party, said in a debate with Portugal’s Prime Minister, António Costa, that “Uneducated people from a backward culture [Meaning Muslims] will launch Europe straight back into the Middle Ages” and the word Islam “is the definition of inequality between men and women, polygamy, child marriages and honour killings”.

Kyenge has called for sanctions for De Graaff, as he spreads “Islamophobia and hatred against Muslims”. “His speech is clearly based on Islamophobic rhetoric”, she said.

Is the claim here that Islam doesn’t include somewhat extreme gender roles, polygamy, child marriages and honor killings? Or just that you’re not allowed to say that?

It’s a weird line between “we are arguing that this is untrue” and “we know this is true but you’re not allowed to say it.”

Because like with the Holocaust, and the laws against saying it’s a hoax, they are outright making the argument that they are defending facts. But with most of the laws against “incitement to racial hatred,” they seem to just be saying “yeah but you can’t say that tho.”

It will be interesting to see if De Graaff gets charged.

Except it won’t really be that interesting because we already know for a fact they will charge you for saying things that are true but which could possibly be considered mean to say out loud.

It’s like when the media called me a sexist for calling Heather Heyer fat.

I’m like: yo are you saying this bitch is slim? What is this?