Shocking Video Emerges of Fitness Guru Andrew Anglin Addressing His Cats After Tense Confrontation

Fitness guru Andrew Anglin pictured sitting in his living room

Shocking video has emerged of self-help and fitness guru Andrew Anglin addressing his cats after a tense lockdown confrontation at Chateau Anglin.

In the shocking footage which has emerged, Anglin is seen yelling at the cats and cleaning ladies before being dragged away by two of his African groundskeepers.

Many people are watching the disturbing viral clip and feeling heartened by the fact that even one of the world’s top self-help and fitness gurus is experiencing mental health troubles as a result of being locked in his house for months as a result of the coronavirus lockdown, which most people believe is a stupid hoax.

Anglin has previously claimed to his audience that he is feeling “happier than ever” as he is permanently trapped in his residence. However, amidst continued rumors that his relationship with his cats has become strained, this shocking footage that emerged appears to disprove that false claim.