Shocking Outrage: The French are Abusing Pigs! Time to Eat Bugs, Goyim!

According to The Hill, we now have new research showing the untapped intellectual ability of pigs. They can use joysticks.

So it is now even worse to not give them fair housing opportunities.

The Guardian:

French veterinary officials have been accused of publishing “falsely reassuring” inspection findings after undercover footage at a farm appeared to show pigs in conditions that continued to breach regulations following allegations of abuse in December.

The farm is a supplier for the Herta brand of frankfurter, part-owned by Nestlé, which is sold by most major UK supermarkets.

In December 2020, the French NGO L214 released undercover footage that appeared to show pig cannibalism and other serious issues at a farm that supplies the Herta pork brand. The brand is 60% owned by Spanish food company Casa Tarradellas and 40% by Nestlé.

These allegations prompted Waitrose to suspend sales of Herta products and Nestlé to pause supply from the farm to Herta, pending investigations. Separately, the Allier regional government launched its own inquiry.

On 16 December, Allier effectively cleared the pig breeder of any mistreatment charges. Its statement said: “In general, the inspection concludes that the farm is in good condition and that there are no major non-conformities.”

New undercover footage, however, said to have been filmed in January 2021 and released on today, appears to show pigs in conditions that continue to breach French regulations, L214 said. Infringements cited by the NGO include: the absence of any hay, straw or other bedding, no apparent fresh water, pigs with docked tails and unsuitable flooring.

I’ve been an advocate for fair treatment of livestock for a very long time. My argument is that even if you don’t care about the lives of the livestock, it is simply a fact of reality that the meat produced through ethical farming is better meat than that which is produced through factory farming.

Unfortunately, factory farming has continued unabated for decades, while PETA was talking about fur coats (I don’t know and haven’t really ever cared about the treatment of mink, because I don’t eat mink. I guess I think mink shouldn’t be abused, but you know, things are tough all over and so on).

Factory farming got a pass for all this time. But now, they want us to stop eating meat. They want us to eat bugs. So, all of a sudden, factory farming is in the spotlight.

It’s all very transparent. Everything that is printed in the mainstream media is a part of some kind of an agenda.

You can expect to hear more about the factory farms that the health community has been talking about for decades on end in the months to come, as they continue to attempt to convince you to eat bugs.

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