Shocking: Arch-Bugmen at Vice Accused of “Sexual Harassment” Culture

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2017

The people behind this are perverts? IMAGINE MY SHOCK!

#Jerkoffgate is collapsing the entire liberal establishment, one institution at a time. This isn’t surprising. Women accuse men of “sexual harassment” not based on any specific standard of behavior, but based on how it made them feel. If a strong, authoritative man comes on to them, they feel flattered. But if a beta-cuck bugman does the same, they’ll be grossed out and offended.

Since liberal men (not to mention Jews) are disproportionately effeminate and insecure, their creepy vibes freak women out way more than approaches by right-wing men.

So is it any surprise that nu-male, feminist-ally bastion VICE is now beset by reports of sexual harassment within its offices?

Daily Beast:

In the summer of 2015, Phoebe Barghouty was 23 years old and had a new master’s degree in journalism from Stanford—but little other experience—when she landed what most of her peers would consider a dream job: associate producer at Vice’s Los Angeles bureau.

Though her job hadn’t technically started yet, her boss, then-Editor in Chief Jason Mojica, invited her to join the team at the L.A. Press Club Awards. After accepting an award for public service in journalism, the team from Vice—including Mojica and Kaj Larsen, the bureau chief who had hired Barghouty—celebrated with drinks. By the end of the night, Barghouty says a very drunk Larsen had brought up sex (musing about his chances with a group of “black girls” at the bar), asked her for a ride home, then passed out in her car.

Jason Mojica. Exactly what I expected a VICE executive to look like.

“I had not even started work and he was being so inappropriate,” she remembers.

Barghouty says within her first few weeks on the job, Larsen was asking her to meet him at his home in Venice Beach. She thought it was strange, but he was her boss so she complied. As she waited outside his house, she texted a friend her location—“like how you tell a friend before a Tinder date in case you get murdered”—when a shirtless Larsen walked up and told her to come wait inside his bungalow while he took a shower.


It’s like Weinstein all over again!

What’s with these people and getting strange women to watch them shower? Is it a fetish, or do they think this is actually going to turn them on? Wew.

The Daily Beast spoke with more than a dozen former and current Vice employees in recent weeks about the culture for women inside Vice Media—and they painted a picture of harassing behavior and company indifference. (Neither Larsen nor Barghouty are still with the company.)

I hope they sue.

VICE is one of the most horrible media companies out there. They promote degeneracy with a passion, and cover political events with a hard-left slant combined with shameless sensationalism – and coming from the Daily Stormer, that’s saying something.

Without the deceptive coverage they made of Charlottesville, it’s likely Cantwell wouldn’t be sitting in jail right now. That alone warrants their company being taken down by these thots.