Shocker: Irritable Sluts at Jezebel Use Father’s Day as an Excuse to Slam Men & Rationalize Their Daddy Issues

Goy Orbison
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2017

There’s a common trope within pro-White circles that writers and internet personalities who primarily focus on the problems of feminism are playing the shallow end of the pool and purposely picking easy targets so they don’t have to delve into more controversial topics like race or the JQ. And while this is perhaps true to a degree, it doesn’t change the fact that feminism (along with associated issues like the sexual revolution, birth control, women neglecting the home in favor of the workplace, etc.) is indeed cancer and women need to be put back under the jackboot and sent back to the kitchen where they belong.

An existential ultimatum provided by yours truly.

Feminism has caused untold damage to the white race and is a much bigger problem than many on our side like to think. It has turned so many of our women into cynical, entitled slobs and shameless whores that want all the perks of being a man without the responsibilities and downsides. And it has turned them against us, thanks to agitation from its Jewish architects and promoters, who thrive off of exploiting natural divides that would already separate us.

Pure Cohencidence, I assure you.

Celebrated Jewish feminist Susan Sontag (née Rosenblatt) calls the white race “the cancer of human history”. But we’re crazy to think there’s an ulterior anti-white motive to feminism.

As a result of this Jewish mind-virus plaguing our women and turning them into resentful egalitarians, a large percentage of white women have been turned against their own kind and view the natural, patriarchal order (which has worked since the beginning of time) as the main enemy to their “freedom” to wantonly spread their legs and stuff their faces while binging on Jew-produced garbage on Netflix instead of making babies and raising them. This manifests itself in what is commonly referred to as “daddy issues,” which I shall elaborate on here.

At this point, we’re all well aware of the toxic twat factory known as Jezebel; a dogshit femmunist site that caters to cat-ladies and the bitter, broken toys that are modern women by fulfilling every man-hating stereotype to a T. With Sunday being Father’s Day, how would you suppose these rays of sunshine chose to cover the holiday?

Projection of emotional problems? Check

Needless Trump slams? Check

Meandering essays by gross Jewesses? Check

Thank G-d this reanimated corpse weighed in on Father’s Day. I’m sure there was no subversive or neurotic spin involved in her analysis whatsoever.

This is all to be expected of course. Gather a bunch of broads in one place and there’ll be endless nitpicking and gossiping over completely asinine topics. Add Jews to the mix and it’s like a Hebrew hen-house from hell.

For example, they decided to take issue with the fact that Trump’s kids acknowledged he existed when interviewed on the campaign trail:

How outrageous! Because I’m sure if they interviewed Obama’s ugly ass daughters, they wouldn’t have brought up how their dad was the president. What do these stupid slits want?

The centerpiece was an article entitled “You Don’t Have Daddy Issues But Your Piece of Shit Father Might,” where the author, Dayna Evans (who clearly doesn’t have issues), gets offended that people would suggest women who grow up with either deadbeat or absentee fathers might have problems in their social lives. The horror!

The real tragedy is that her daddy issues resulted in this. Nobody in the history of the world has ever said “You know what I’d really like to hear? A woman playing guitar.”

These articles all reek of a cry for help and highlight something that femmunists absolutely hate: being reminded they have daddy issues. Their denial is so transparent, as in this shitty article where the obviously bitter Evans takes forever to get to her conclusion: “No, you!”

The level of intellect we’re dealing with here.

To be fair to these bitches, it’s not completely their fault. My theory is that apart from the obvious Jewry afoot, a portion of the blame does indeed go to poor parenting. Taking this damaged woman’s word for it, it sounds like her father was a bum. No wonder she’s writing this nonsense for Jezebel, venting about problems that she’s pretending she doesn’t have.

And a father being in the house doesn’t necessarily guarantee anything. Look at the Boomers. A lot of them thought providing financially and giving the same outdated advice would be enough for their millennial children. That along with the “don’t rock the boat” mentality and the issue of fathers being too cowardly to lay down the law like they’re supposed to has played a major role in these skanks running wild.

“So you’re a ‘pansexual’ slut with purple hair, gauge piercings and ironic tattoos? I guess that’s OK. That won’t affect the GDP or my 401k retirement plan in any way, will it?”

If there’s anything to be gleaned from this, it’s that there’s already enough things in the world working against white children as it is: demographic replacement, social engineering, toxic cultural movements, dangerous societal developments, degeneracy, media programming… non-stop Jewing around every corner. You can’t always prevent your kids from turning into bad apples, but repeating the techniques used by the Boomers definitely won’t help.

Rather than setting a strong example as fathers, many Boomers opted to grow fat and lazy, worshiping at the altar of NiggerBall on the Holy Talmudvision. And they wonder why their kids don’t respect them and their daughters end up dating Tyrone.

Father’s Day is over, but the duty still remains. Raise your kids right and be the example of how they should aspire to be. The future of our people depends on it.

If done right, your children will defend you and honor your memory, even in the face of a worldwide smear campaign to defame you.