SHOCK: Turk Who Shot People at Random in Dutch Tram “May” Have Had “Terrorist Motive”

Daily Stormer
July 3, 2019

There’s so many terrorist attacks in Europe, I didn’t even remember this one

And to think – this could’ve all been avoided if White people were capable of using the complex technology required to put meat on a stick ourselves.


Dutch prosecutors said Monday they have a “strong indication” that a man accused of fatally shooting four passengers on a tram in the central city of Utrecht in March had a “terrorist motive.”

In a written statement following a preliminary hearing at Utrecht District Court, prosecutors said 37-year-old suspect Gokmen Tanis left a handwritten letter in a getaway car that said in Dutch: “I’m doing this for my religion, you kill Muslims and you want to take our religion away from us, but you won’t succeed. Allah is great.”

Imagine how frustrating it must be to be a sandnigger terrorist in this day and age.

These filthy infidels have no respect for these poor bastards’ hard work.

The March 18th shooting prompted authorities to advise Utrecht residents to stay indoors and to briefly raise the Dutch terror alert warning to its maximum level while police swarmed through the city hunting for the gunman.

Tanis, a Utrecht resident of Turkish descent, was arrested hours after the shooting and is being held on charges including multiple murder or manslaughter with terrorist intent for the deaths of three men and a woman. Two other people were seriously injured.

Now, I know that sounds bad, but think about this for a second – the only alternative to not being randomly shot or blown up on public transport is to live without meat on a stick.

Do you really want to live in a society devoid of the principles and values of meat-on-a-stick?

It would be like Nazi Germany, except worse.

Dutch media reported that the father of one of his victims shouted insults at Tanis as he was led, handcuffed, from the courtroom at the end of Monday’s brief hearing.


I’m shocked he wasn’t arrested on the spot for that act of mindless hatred.

Prosecutors added that their suspicions of a terrorist motive also stem from two statements Tanis gave to an investigating judge before refusing to answer any further questions, and from the fact that he opened fire on people he did not know in a tram.

Prosecutors said in March that Tanis had confessed to the attack.

He will shortly be admitted to a specialist centre to undergo psychological observation, prosecutors said. His trial is expected to start early next year.

So they’re still not 100% sure the guy wanted to be a terrorist, not even after he told you…

And his trial is gonna start almost a year after the fact, despite him confessing to it…

Sounds like a perfectly normal and functional society to me.

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