Shock! Trudeau Tells Indian Scum to Stop Burning Churches!

Previously: Canada: Whining Red Savages Burning Catholic Churches as Revenge for Grave Hoax

The Jews have been pushing a nonsensical Indian genocide hoax in Canada, which has resulted in a series of church burnings by the Indians and/or their allies.

I never would have expected that weird faggot Justin Trudeau to even mention this, but apparently it got to be a big enough issue that he was forced to mention it.


Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has denounced the ongoing spree of arson and vandalism targeting churches as “unacceptable.” The attacks are believed to be retaliation to historic abuses of indigenous children in church-run schools.

“It is unacceptable and wrong that acts of vandalism and arson are being seen across the country, including against Catholic churches,” Trudeau said on Friday, less than 24 hours after statues of Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria were torn down by protesters in Winnipeg without any interference by police.

The latest acts of vandalism followed a spree of attacks on Catholic churches built on First Nation lands. At least seven churches have caught fire in recent weeks, since the grim discovery of more than 1,100 unmarked graves at sites where Catholic-run residential schools used to operate.

Tensions ran especially high on Canada Day, celebrated on Thursday, and at least 10 Calgary churches were defaced with red spray-paint, some marked with the words “we were children” and “our lives matter.”

Trudeau said that while he understands the grievances of indigenous peoples who are taking out their anger on the churches, he argued the attacks were “depriving people who are in need of grieving and healing and mourning places.” He called for reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians, adding that years might pass before the wounds are healed.

“What took generations and centuries to break in terms of the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous Canadians, it will take more than just a few years to fix it all.”

It was actually already “fixed” decades ago.

All of this race war stuff was stirred up during the Obama presidency, and has just in the last year recently heated up. It is old stuff from the 1960s being dragged up.

When I was a kid in the 1990s, there was none of this stuff. Sure, black people were poor, and we knew to stay out of their neighborhoods, but blacks were not whining all the time about what victims they are. Indians were just staying on their reservations, getting their casino money to buy booze. These are new fake problems. It’s all a huge hoax.

These people are talking about “healing” – but what does it mean? In the summer of 2020, white people were literally kneeling down before the blacks and begging forgiveness for slavery.

How do you push that further? Where can it go? Obviously, it can’t go anywhere, and this is all just about destruction. There is no conceivable point at which these grievance groups are going to say “okay, thanks, white people – we can go back to normal now.”

It is an unsolvable problem. It is just like the coronavirus hoax, where if you decide that the entire purpose of civilization is to avoid people getting infected with a single disease, then there is no bottom on how far it can go.

Same with the global warming hoax. Electricity and meat are changing the weather, and all electricity is bad – when does that end? What are the terms of finality?

None of these problems have finality, because they are fake problems designed to have no solution.

Indian Genocide Hoax

This is a completely fabricated hoax, on par with George Floyd. A graveyard is not evidence of a genocide.

A reader presented bullet points on the hoax in response to our previous piece:

  • Many injun parents wanted to and willingly sent their kids to these schools, and continued to send them there into the 1990s when they were closed (attendance became voluntary in 1947)
  • The rate of child mortality was between 1/3 and 1/5 on average in Canada in the time period in question
  • Child mortality was even higher among injuns with no immunity to old world disease
  • The injuns knew about these cemeteries for decades, and the only new revelation here is the use of ground penetrating radar to quantify how many graves there are
  • Jews who lie about this hoax continue to refuse to allow ground penetrating radar to be used to test their claims of the six gorillian
  • The dead injun children were not returned to the reservations because doing so would have infected other injuns with disease
  • Pope Benedict XVI already apologized to the injuns for the schools in 2009
  • White adults who worked at the schools are buried in these cemeteries
  • The wooden grave markers rotted away
  • Some records were lost in fires and floods
  • Injuns already got billions of dollars in reparations and an apology for these schools from the Canadian govt, far more than they deserved TBH

The entire thing is totally fake.

It is invented to grief white people and create chaos in society.

In the end, the only solution to any of these problems – the only path toward finality – is to kill all white people.

The National Institutes of Health recently published a paper from the Psychoanal Assoc (?) by the Jew Donald Moss effectively admitting that the goal is to exterminate white people.

This is the mainstreaming and institutionalization of the radical anti-white Marxist views expressed decades ago by the Jew Noel Ignatiev, who falsely claimed to be “white,” then said he wants to exterminate the white race by “doing away with whiteness.”

They play this language game where “whiteness” is somehow not the same thing as “white people” when they say you’re a disease and they want to kill you, but then in every other context, “whiteness” means “white people.” It’s literally just a way to have plausible deniability while arguing for genocide.

Again: whether it is the George Floyd riots or this banal nonsense about an Indian genocide in Canada, the goal is to hurt and eventually exterminate white people.

Meanwhile, they’re going to tell you that “white genocide” is a “conspiracy theory” – as they are openly calling you a disease and claiming you need to be “abolished.”

Part of this is just that Jews hate white people because they hate Christ and they hated Rome before Christ was even born. But on a more practical level, the elite as a whole wants to create a completely uniform world, of mixed race peasants that they can rule over in a uniform manner. White Christians, having previously been a very successful and relatively cohesive group, the inventors of civilization itself, are a hurdle to accomplishing the globalist agenda of a one world system where a tiny elite rules over a mass of landless peasants.