SHOCK! Study Finds Pre-Schools Are Plagued by “Heteronormativity”

Daily Stormer
August 4, 2017

A recent study at Stormer University has concluded that whenever a problem is not directly caused by a Jew, it’s caused by a fat woman

I spent more time making sure this is a real thing than I did actually writing about it. It’s a real thing, paid for by your taxes (if you’re American). It’s also why we haven’t been to Mars.

For those of you who don’t know, “heteronormative”=being normal.

Campus Reform:

A University of Michigan instructor recently claimed that preschool classrooms are rife with “heteronormativity” that perpetuates “inequalities related to gender.”

Heidi M. Gansen, a Ph.D. student who teaches sociology at UMich, advanced these claims in a July 14 article that examines the prevalence of “heteronormativity” in a set of nine Michigan preschool classrooms she visited.

Heidi M. Gansen is the fat woman in the picture I posted above.

Defining “heteronormativity” as a culture in which “heterosexuality is always assumed, expected, ordinary, and privileged,” Gansen then argues that the issue is especially important to her research because preschools contribute to the “reproduction of inequalities pertaining to gender and sexuality,” such as gender roles and gendered feelings.

Do you realize we’ve gotten to a point where people who say things like this are actually considered intelligent and educated by the majority? Where having a shitty piece of toilet paper that says “degree” on it automatically makes retards like this bitch not need to make even a shred of sense, and the worthless cattle just eat it up?

“Preschool is a good place to begin this examination, because practices that facilitate heteronormativity in classrooms become more engrained in later years of schooling,” she explains.

Accordingly, Gansen spent ten months observing childhood behavior at a set of nine Michigan preschools, finding numerous ways in which heterosexuality is “produced” and “enforced” by students and teachers.

Playing “house,” for instance, is one area in which Gansen observed “heteronormativity” in the in the preschool setting, noting that only girls would imitate mothers while only boys would play fathers. If a girl asked to be the husband of the household, she would be quickly rebuffed by her peers, Gansen observed, lamenting that “children did not allow cross-gender roles.”

Gansen also cited the reading of “traditional fairy tales,” engaging in “heteronormative play,” and teachers suggesting that a boy has a “crush” on a girl as other ways in which gender-roles are perpetuated.

Meanwhile, teachers apparently make similar mistakes when they refer to “same-gender signs of affection or homosocial behaviors as friendly” as opposed to romantic, with Gansen arguing that the teacher’s interpretation of the friendship makes no concession for the fact that some students might be gay or queer.

“Why don’t these nazi teachers ever assume that the 3-year-old boys in their classes might wanna suck each others’ dicks, huh?”

“These poor children are already so brainwashed that they think only women can be moms, and only men can be dads, and these insensitive stone-age bastards are doing nothing about it!”

“But don’t worry, I have an idea!”

As a solution, Gansen concludes by outlining “disruptive” approaches teachers can take, which include talking about the legality of gay marriage and showing “acceptance” when students participate in “actions that interrupt heteronormativity.”

Gansen finishes by complaining that even in the preschools with the most progressive teachers of all the ones she observed, “children still engaged in heteronormative practices with peers,” adding that “these findings demonstrate the importance of teachers actively working to disrupt heteronormativity, which is already ingrained in children by ages 3 to 5.”

In other words – if you’re a teacher and you see two girls playing with dolls, rip them out of their hands and have them play football with the boys. That sounds like a proper idea to me.



But I have an ever better answer to the “heteronormative” question – round up all the kikes and exterminate them, then put dumb bitches like the one who made this “study” back to making children and sandwiches.

Problem solved.