SHOCK! South American Countries That Wanted More Diversity For The US Don’t Want Enrichment from Venezuela

Daily Stormer
August 26, 2018


Brown people not wanting other brown people in their own country, but screeching when White countries don’t want them either?

This is White supremacy’s fault somehow.

American Thinker:

Remember how Arizona Governor Jan Brewer got piled on by 17 Latin American nations in 2010, condemning her state for attempting to enforce federal immigration law based on the reality that Arizona was being overrun by illegals and the Obama administration was doing nothing? It was bad enough that the Obama administration sued her state to end the law, something it only did with partial success. But then Latin states such as Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador joined the fun, piously weighing in to sign on to a highly questionable Friend of the Court brief led by Mexico, condemning Arizona for trying to enforce U.S. immigration law.

I’m gonna make a wild guess and assume that all the (((people))) who are screeching today about collusion and foreign interference because some Russkies allegedly posted some shit-tier memes on Facebook were either very silent or screeching along with the foreigners when this was happening.

Because right now, those are the very nations pulling up the drawbridge to illegals as their own countries get inundated by vast human waves of Venezuelans flooding over their borders without papers.

Who’s the neon-nazi now, huh?


Ecuador has announced that anyone entering its country is going to need a passport. No more entries without papers, given that 500,000 of them have already gotten in. “This is going to skyrocket,” said one Ecuadoran official. After that, Peru, which just recently saw 5,000 Venezuelan border crossings without papers in one day, announced the same bid to enforce borders. It follows from Colombia tightening its passport requirements, and both Colombia and Brazil just plain sealing their borders to make the human waves stop.Chile, too, tightened entry rules after it got flooded. The latest news is that Brazil is now deploying troops to fight the migrants.


Are these people COMPLETELY INSANE?!?!?!?

Do they not get that they need the Venezuelans to pay their pensions???

Do they not understand that having borders is racist???

Do they not understand that WE’RE ALL THE SAME???

Do they not understand that they’re jeopardizing THE VERY EXISTENCE OF SWEDEN???

I mean come on, seriously, it’s CURRENT YEAR!!!

Comically, Colombia, which has pretty much let all comers in and expected them to fan out across the continent, says it is upset about Peru’s and Ecuador’s new passport requirements, because, well, they now get to keep the million or so people who had been ready to move onward. (More than 2 million Venezuelans have fled socialism, most running to the first place they could find, which was Colombia, but they have also overrun Brazil). It probably doesn’t help that a Colombian judge recently ruled that the incomers were fully entitled to the benefits of Colombia’s vast health care system without having paid anything in. The U.S. has just dispatched a hospital ship to the Colombian coast to help pick up the pieces, given that Colombia is otherwise a good American ally.

That’s strange…

Why would Colombia be hoping they wouldn’t stay?

I mean – with all the diversity and enrichment they bring, you’d think they’d be keeping them in by force.

Same thing with Mexico – why haven’t they built a wall to keep all those productive, hard-working immigrants from leaving their country for America?

Also LOL at them needing a judge to give Venezuelans medical care.

It’s like these people live 100 current years ago, and still haven’t figured out that living off other people’s money is a fundamental human right.

While I pity the plight of these sick Venezuelan refugees from socialism and fully support the U.S. mercy mission, there is also the main issue of why these countries don’t want to be overrun. Like the illegals who rolled into Arizona that Colombia and the others had such tough words for, quite a few of these people are criminals who have wrought havoc on the countries they invaded. It’s gotten so bad that in one Brazilian town, the locals literally ran them all out of town.

Which was exactly what happened in Arizona.

Yet these were the very countries that condemned Arizona for wanting to enforce simple federal immigration law in the wake of the Obama administration’s opposition to it.

They piled on, they condemned Arizona, and they did Mexico’s bidding, telling Arizona that it had no right to enforce immigration laws and the interests of illegals should reign supreme. Based on what they claimed, no cop has a right to stop a person suspected to be in the country illegally, because, well, they have to stand up for their nationals and potential human rights violations (in their countries where locals had none) were just too important.

Their hypocrisy is now evident in their new passport requirements and desperate efforts to halt the human waves, even with border shutdowns and troops.

Hypocrisy about illegal immigration, you say…

I feel like I’ve heard this somewhere before, but I just can’t remember where…

It’s on the tip of my tongue, I just can’t remember it for some reason.

Oh well, I’m sure it’s not that important.

So what was I saying?

Oh right – it’s CURRENT YEAR, and we should just get rid of borders altogether because they’re, you know, evil.

Everybody’s greatest ally is showing us the way