Shock: Saudi-Funded Mosques in Belgium Teach Hatred of Jews

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 12, 2018

This is in Belgium roflmao wtf is going on

This is genuinely shocking.

The Saudis love the Jews.

I guess they are just too fucking incompetent to monitor what is being taught in their own colonial war-training bases.

Times of Israel:

Teaching manuals in Gulf Arab-financed mosques in Belgium promote anti-Semitic stereotypes of Jews and call for the persecution of homosexuals, according to a leaked Belgian intelligence report.

The texts used in mosques including the Brussels Grand Mosque call for gays to be stoned to death or thrown off buildings and describe Jews as “evil,” the report by the OCAM national terrorism monitoring center said.

Yeah, I know…

It’s easy to like them when you’re just reading about them.

But then when you see them…


Greasy fucking animals.

The writings, which are used to train preachers and theology professors, were “inspired mainly by classical Islamic law from the Middle Ages,” OCAM said in a copy of the report obtained by AFP on Friday.

They have “problematic content in terms of radicalism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism,” the OCAM report said.

Problematic, eh?

Seems like we’d need to ask a group of women about that.

I think a male-run organization using the word “problematic” is like a white person saying “nigga.”


Belgian lawmakers say they will discuss the report next week.

The report singled out Arabic-language religious training manuals in the Grand Mosque, which is near EU headquarters in Brussels.

The Belgian government said in March that it would terminate Saudi Arabia’s half-century old lease of the Grand Mosque over concerns it was promoting radicalism. It had been run by the Muslim World League.

The manuals call Jews a “corrupt, evil and treacherous people” and call for “war” on all people who do not follow Sunni Islam.

Yeah and we are supposed to believe that training centers for an invading army are teaching “war” is somehow a surprise to anyone.

Seriously – are catladies even surprised by something like that?

I thought the whole narrative is just: “yeah, this is happening, it’s unfortunate, but basically we deserve it because of the Holocaust and so on, so we just have to take it.”

The “shock” narrative is not really even a thing at this point.

Same deal with the Paki “grooming gangs” – it’s just something that white people have to accept as a fact of life, because of the imaginary sins of their ancestors.

But then of course when it’s the Jews, it’s “OH MOY GAWD.”

These Mosques

Just imagine that the Saudis have not taken a single refugee, and yet are paying for mosques for refugees in Europe.

Just… take a moment and imagine that.

It’s so brilliant that it’s difficult to believe that they can’t manage to teach a love of the Jews in their war centers.

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