Shock: Processed Food Causes DNA Damage Causing Cells to Prematurely Age

The way the food industry lobbies to cover up scientific research about the effects of processed food is like something out of a cheesy leftist caricature of corporate malfeasance.

Imagine that it’s sixty years after the advent of the boxed/canned/bagged food revolution, and we’re just now getting around to telling the population that processed food causes premature aging.

Science Alert:

People who eat a lot of industrially processed junk food are more likely to exhibit a change in their chromosomes linked to ageing, according to research presented Tuesday at an online medical conference.

Three or more servings of so-called “ultra-processed food” per day doubled the odds that strands of DNA and proteins called telomeres, found on the end of chromosomes, would be shorter compared to people who rarely consumed such foods, scientists reported at the European and International Conference on Obesity.

Short telomeres are a marker of biological ageing at the cellular level, and the study suggests that diet is a factor in driving the cells to age faster.

While the correlation is strong, however, the causal relationship between eating highly processed foods and diminished telomeres remains speculative, the authors cautioned.

Each human cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes that contain our genetic code.

Telomeres do not carry genetic information, but are vital for preserving the stability and integrity of chromosomes and, by extension, the DNA that all the cells in our body relies on to function.

As we get older, our telomeres shorten naturally because each time a cell divides, part of the telomere is lost.

That reduction in length has long been recognised as a marker of biological age.

Scientists led by professors Maria Bes-Rastrollo and Amelia Marti, both of the University of Navarra in Spain, wanted to explore a suspected connection between the regular consumption of highly processed junk food and shrinking telomeres.

Not real foodEarlier studies had pointed to a possible link with sugar-sweetened drinks, processed meats, and other foods loaded with saturated fats and sugar, but the findings were inconclusive.

Ultra-processed foods are industrially manufactured substances composed of some mix of oils, fats, sugars, starch, and proteins that contain little if any whole or natural foods.

They often include artificial flavourings, colourings, emulsifiers, preservatives, and other additives that increase shelf-life and profit margins.

These same properties, however, also mean that such foods are nutritionally poor compared to less processed alternatives, the researchers said.

Earlier studies have shown strong correlations between ultra-processed foods and hypertension, obesity, depression, type 2 diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

There was a time when both women and men could have been appealed to with “this will make you less physically attractive.”

Remember smoking?

The threat of having a 1/4 chance of dying of cancer was a lot less of an influence on people than the claim that smoking caused premature aging and impotency.

In actual fact, smoking doesn’t even do a fraction of the damage that processed food does. Smokers don’t die at nearly the rate obese people die at. What’s more, most of the cancers are caused by cellular damage that is a result of the processed food. If you did some real math, you’d find that virtually all deaths (excluding accidents, murders, suicides, drug overdoses and so on) are a result of the poisoning of our food supply by these mega corporations that control it.

But you can’t motivate people by telling them they can be more physically attractive anymore.

Ironically, the source of the apathy is presumably hormonal imbalance, which is primarily caused by the poisoned food supply.

Are you aware that there was a time when white women were physically attractive, and didn’t look like beastly creatures who should be roaming a swamp?

Food turned them into these beasts and plastic turned them into these beasts, but the plastic was largely consumed through the food.

Oh, and birth control.

Can you even begin to imagine walking around and seeing that every woman under the age of 35 was a smash? Because even if her face wasn’t the greatest, she still had a nice body? And most of their faces would have been much more feminine anyway, and have a little something about them, even if they weren’t beautiful?

This is the world that our grandparents lived in, and it is the world that the boomers took from us with their evil selfishness and desire to be catered to like children. They fed us poisoned slop, because it was easier than cooking.

Actually my mother didn’t do that, and I will tell you, her being woke on the food question and implementing that knowledge at home when I was a kid (and at school – packed lunch 4 days a week) is actually the greatest gift that she could have given me. I have the hormonal system to be able to maintain a body that is leaner and firmer than 98% of teenagers at the age of 36 because I was fed real food as a child. Most people are so hormonally wrecked due to what they were fed as children that they will be struggling with physical, emotional and psychological issues for the rest of their lives.

Because remember: your hormones are what drives your thoughts and your feelings. If you see some weak, disgusting little faggot whining about how a woman hurt his feelings when he just wubbed her so bery bery much, or some gaywad shilling for feminism or immigrants or whatever other Jewish agenda, that person is a victim of the processed food industry.

I need to write more about this instead of writing all this dumb bullshit about things I hate.