Shock Poll Shows Europeans Don’t Hate and Fear Russians

Your enemies
Your friends

Without communism, Russians are simply normal white people. Most people know Russians. Many of us play their video games. They are just normal people.

Without communism, it becomes very difficult to frame them as an enemy.


While alarm bells about conflict with Russia are constantly ringing in the Western press, the public, it turns out, may not be listening to them, with new research concluding the EU’s citizens have a less hostile view of Moscow.

The report, published by the Berlin-based European Council on Foreign Relations, which was set up with funds donated by multibillionaire George Soros, asked more than 17,000 respondents across 12 EU member states for their views on ties with foreign nations.

A majority of those who answered said that they took a positive view of Russia, with 7% describing it as “an ally” that “shares our interests and values,” and a further 35% saying the country is “a necessary partner” that “we must strategically cooperate with.” Only a total of 35% said they felt that it is a “rival” or an “adversary.”

Overall, more respondents felt that relations with Russia were important than with China, India or NATO member Turkey, with the authors of the report saying Ankara’s low favorability rating was “quite worrying.”

The Turks, being Moslems, actually are a threat, if not an outright enemy.

Claiming that Russians are an enemy while Turks are a friend is just plain confusing. It’s an infeasible narrative they are spinning.

They will always be able to make an enemy out of China, because the people in China look different. This is a pretty basic psychological thing.

Russia could be logically an enemy when they were slamming shoes on tables and talking about burying people, but when Putin is just saying “hey, it’s cool, let’s all just relax,” you cannot whip people into a frenzy.

Most European leaders seem to be aware of this. American leaders are just unhinged, however. And I guess in America, everything is so feminist and so anal that we can have a war with Russia because the women aren’t fat enough and the men don’t do enough gay sex.

It’s all very exhausting.