Murdered Basement Quad-Pack Consisted of a Dyke, Her Lover and Two Kids [UPDATE: All Nig-Nogs]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2017


I’m not sure how much of my original arguments stand, now that it has been revealed that the entire family is nog. Plus the dyke lover is nog.




Nogs are known to kill each other pretty much randomly for no reason or any reason, so I’m not sure that the whole homosexual thing is even relevant.

Still, it is relevant in a general sense, and useful analysis.

But yeah – dead nogs surprise no one.

Probably related to drugs, or maybe someone got angry – whatever. Could be anything. Doesn’t really matter. Black lives do not matter and they kill each other like fighting cocks.

Original article follows.

When you have the element of homosexuality, you are going to have an element of the gruesome.

Of course, that is more intense with male faggots than female dykes, but it nonetheless remains true for the latter.

Homosexuality is evil and where this act is practiced, the spirit of evil is present.

Fox News:

Police in upstate New York worked Wednesday to unravel the mystery behind the gruesome quadruple homicide that left a mother, her partner and two young children dead in a basement apartment the day after Christmas.

The bodies of a 36-year-old mother and her two children, an 11-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl, were found dead in a basement apartment by the property manager in Troy. The body of a 22-year-old woman, who police say was in a relationship with the mother, was also found in the apartment.

Investigators have not revealed many details about the murders, including the identities of the victims or how they were killed.

But Troy Police Chief John Tedesco did give hint at the gruesomeness of the scene during a news conference.

“After being in this business for 43 years, I can’t describe the savagery of a person who would do this,” Tedesco said. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that a person who committed this crime is capable of anything.”

So that implies it was gruesome – torture and/or mutilation.

You don’t have a hard time describing the savagery of people just getting shot, now do you?

Also, if they had been shot, they would have said “they were shot.”

The fact that it was in a basement also implies it was a horror-movie-tier massacre.

It is strange that they aren’t releasing any details at all. The dyke lover is not described as being in the basement, indicating that she was upstairs. Maybe she did it and then killed herself. Although that would be obvious from the crime scene and they could just say it.

So maybe the kids’ father came, killed the dyke, then took his family in the basement and murdered the kids slowly in front of the mother, before killing her. But in that case, he typically would have killed himself also. Personally, I am a fan of the “kill the kids in front of the mother and then shoot out her kneecaps and let her live as she watches you kill yourself” method.

So it could have just been a drug dealer, or a drug-addict friend. Single mothers tend to be on heavy drugs, and when you are hanging out with drug users, doing lesbianism, etc. it is very likely you are going to come into contact with sadistic, unhinged individuals.

ISIS is the only group so far which has presented a rational way of dealing with homosexuality. Although female homosexuals are not thrown off roofs, given that they have precious wombs that can intake the man-seed and spit out small humans. Instead, they are beaten and force-married. 

The lesson here, beyond the fact that homosexuals are evil and deserve to die, is that the system of divorce which gives the children to the stupid bitch party automatically needs to be shut down. The man deserves the kids, by default. Even if he is abusive. Because he was probably only abusive because of the wife in the first place.

Marriages would be a lot healthier if it was a system where the man could walk away with no consequences. The purpose of a woman in the universe is to provide services to a man, and she would be providing much better services if she knew the man could take everything she has away from her an moment. That is the way human relationships have always worked. The man was always able to walk away, and this kept the woman obedient and pleasing.

We’ve got very big problems as a society. New problems, that have largely stemmed from the restructuring of the family.

If we don’t fix that, we’re not fixing anything else.