SHOCK: Man Pretending To be a Woman Rapes Actual Women in Women’s Prison

Daily Stormer
October 13, 2018

I’m completely shocked by this completely unexpected turn of events.


A “predatory and controlling” biologically male rapist has been jailed for life after attacking vulnerable female inmates in women’s prisons whilst claiming to be transgendered and for the previous rapes of two other women.

Karen White, 52, who was previously known as Stephen Wood, identifies as a woman and was allowed into the female prison. She has now been described as a danger to women and children.

White was originally jailed for violent crimes and admitted sexually assaulting the women in a female prison as well as raping another two women outside jail at Leeds Crown Court, PA reports.

Who would’ve thought men pretending to be women are sexual deviants?

Also, it’s HE, you morons.

She has past convictions for indecent assault, indecent exposure, and gross indecency involving children, violence, and dishonesty.

White was also convicted for wounding and two counts of rape against two women, one whom White violently raped five to six times between January and December 2016 and for raping a pregnant woman in 2003.

HE sounds like the kind of MAN that should’ve been removed from the gene pool a long time ago, in a public and ideally very painful execution.

But we can’t have swift and logical solutions to problems like this anymore, because some kikes told some dumb skanks that killing people is really really sad…

The court was told she is “allegedly transgender” and used her “transgender persona” to access vulnerable women and her previous girlfriend has claimed her change of gender is a “sham”.

4 times in one sentence.

Oh, and “changing” your gender is always a sham, because biology is non-negotiable no matter how stupid you are.

In the UK, referring to someone as male if they identify as a female can be reported to the police and logged as a “hate incident” with “no evidence” if anyone “perceives” it as offensive.


Christopher Dunn, prosecuting, told the court: “She is allegedly a transgender female.

“The prosecution say allegedly because there’s smatterings of evidence in this case that the defendant’s approach to transitioning has been less than committed.

“The prosecution suggest the reason for the lack of commitment towards transitioning is so the defendant can use a transgender persona to put herself in contact with vulnerable persons she can then abuse.”

Mr Dunn described one incident in jail in September last year, when White befriended a woman before assaulting her.

“The complainant, while waiting, felt something hard press against the small of her back,” he said. “She turned around to see the defendant stood there. She could see the defendant’s penis erect and sticking out of the top of her pants, covered by her tights.”

A source told PA White is currently inside a male prison and that is where she must serve at least nine and a half years before being considered for parole.

And of course, the British government is working hard at making sure they remain the most cucked country on the planet.

The government is currently considering the recommendations of parliament’s Women’s and Equalities Committee, calling for men to be “quickly” legally recognised as women after filling out one form with no checks, treatment, or surgery needed.

Last year the Conservative Party reportedly backed the plan — that allow any biological man to enter female changing rooms and prisons — before the Government Equalities Office changed tack in June and insisted they would not “compromise women’s rights”.



Ok, I’m done…