Shock as White Mother and Halfling Child Murdered by Black Male!

It’s always shocking when a white woman is murdered by a black boyfriend.

I don’t know why it’s shocking, because it happens all the time. But for some reason, people say they are shocked by this.

This nigga killed the bitch and the baby.


The family of Mallery Muenzenberger – the mother of Major Harris – spoke out for the first time Thursday morning, as they were preparing a memorial service for Mallery in La Crosse, where they are all from.

TMJ4’s Katie Crowther spoke to them again, right after they found out that 3-year-old Major was found dead in Milwaukee Thursday afternoon. Mallery’s aunt cried over the phone, and kept saying, “he was just a baby.”

They are truly living a nightmare.

Major was Mallery’s only child. Her family says, “he was her life, her joy, and her purpose.”

Mallery’s father and extended family helped raise Major. They say Mallery was a single mom, working two jobs, and aspired to become a nurse.

The violent nature of their deaths haunts them.

In a statement they say in part, “Mallery became involved in a life she never shared with our family. She was much too private. She was an honest person with too much trust, we have found out.”


Police say the main person of interest in connection with the case, Jaheem Clark, died by suicide as police closed in on him during a manhunt.

Last week, arrests were made in connection to the homicide of Meunzenberger. Milwaukee police say there are no updates and criminal charges have not been issued.

This is Jaheem Clark:

It looks like it was someone else’s baby.

What white people don’t seem to understand is that this is just black culture.

They often kill their women.

In African tribal times, if a man did this, the tribal chief would call him up and say: “why you been done be do dat shit, nigga?”

If he gave the wrong answer, he would maybe be told he has to work the fields extra hard for a week or something.

But, if he said “dat bitch done been steppin’ out on da nigga, shiieeeeet, nigga!” – the tribal chief might reply “dat bitch done did you dirty, nigga – she done got what fo’ out dis muthafuka, sheeit!”

Probably, even an African tribal chief would be upset about killing a child though. In that case, the killer would no doubt make the case that the child had been possessed by evil spirits. He might get away with it, or might be sentenced to harder work or whatever the punishment was.

Frankly, not many of the African tribes even had fields. So the punishment was probably to go kill someone from another tribe, and bring back his head. Or you know – whatever. They did not have jails.

But in America, blacks don’t really mind going to prison. It fits their style.

But hey – this bitch really had it coming, double.

She was posting BLM propaganda about how blacks were oppressed.

Zoom in.

“Stay fucking woke.”

Yeah, okay.

Good plan, bitch.

If you ever ask the question: “why do we tolerate this behavior of the blacks?” the answer is pretty much always going to be “because of white women.”

You can say “Jews,” but Jews are a tiny fraction of the population. White women are the standing army of the Jews.

No, they don’t all give birth to black children (though a whole lot of them have had a black man’s abortion). But they will nearly all vote for all of these pro-diversity, pro-liberal, socialist policies. Even Republican or conservative women try to insert “kinder” policies into the right-wing.

Right-wingers who defend female liberation are really the lowest scum on earth.

They need to forgive mommy and grow up.

There is no way to solve any of these problems in our society without completely restricting women from public life.