Shock as Jew Media Lies About Black People

I’m not the one to defend black people – or as I like to call them “rabid jungle baboons.”


The entire image of black people that is sold to the public is manufactured and groomed by Jews. Obviously, we all know about the part where their victimhood is fake.

But, to their own credit, the part where they care about shitlib social causes is also fake.

This was the normal response to Kyle Rittenhouse from black people:

The entire Jewish media strategy surrounding Rittenhouse was to try to make black people think Kyle killed black people. We all know that they were literally saying that he killed black people.

That is Jews just openly baiting the 65 IQ members of the black community. Any of the normal 75 IQ blacks turned on the TV and were like “bitch he ain’t eben kilt no nigga tf I care dis shit?”

Frankly, aside from the lowest 40% of the black male population aged 13 to 33, black people would pretty much agree with “white supremacists” about 90% of the issues.

The deal breaker is that they want free money from white people forever.