SHOCK as Jew Discovered to Have Used Football Money to Fund Land Thieves!

The world is shocked now to discover that a rich Jew used his riches to fund the theft of land from the stupid helpless Arabs.

The stupid liberal scum that say they want to defend the dumb Arabs will also say, “it’s not all Jews! It’s just the Zionist Jews!”

The problem is, every time we find a Jew, he’s a Zionist Jew, funneling money to steal the land.

The Guardian:

Companies controlled by Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich donated tens of millions of pounds to a highly controversial Israeli settler group accused of displacing Palestinian families from Jerusalem, according to leaked documents seen by BBC News Arabic.

The billionaire Russian oligarch, who was granted Israeli citizenship in 2018, has been an avid philanthropist in Israel, donating huge sums to research and development projects and investing in local firms.

However, four companies he either owns or controls in the British Virgin Islands have contributed more than $100m (£74m) to Elad, a group that supports settlements in the Palestinian neighbourhood of occupied East Jerusalem called Silwan, BBC News Arabic reported.

Those figures would mean the British football club owner was the biggest single donor over the past 15 years to Elad, a Hebrew word which means “God’s eternal faith”, it added.

The group, which also receives backing from the Israeli government, has sought to strengthen the Jewish presence in the neighbourhood of Silwan at the expense of its Arab residents.

Maybe you should have paid more attention to the behavior of the Jews.

They are all in this together.

They are waging a race war against white Christians, but also against stupid helpless brown Arabs whose land they steal.

Of course, at the same time they are stealing land from the helpless Arabs, they are also joining forces with the perverted top Arabs who will help them build a global empire of evil.

Jews are a race, but they are also a satanic cult.

Here’s the basics:

  • An evil Levantine sect within the Hebrews killed Jesus Christ
  • They gained satanic powers through blood rituals involving demonic entities
  • This sect then continued on, breeding with other evil people in order to make themselves more evil
  • They took over the banking system in the West
  • They tried to implement global communism, but only half succeeded
  • Hitler tried to stop them
  • Then they took over America and now they control the whole world

The only global solution must be to say: “Jews are responsible for everything bad that is happening, we have to identify these people and get them out…!”

But everyone is too much of a coward to say it. On both left and right, no one wants to say the truth: “the Jews killed our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and they’ve been on a satanic rampage for the last 2,000 years!”

Get ’em OUT!