Shock as Dutch Minister Leaked Saying Something Brutally Self-Evident Regarding “Multiculturalism”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 19, 2018

It rattles the brain.

Is there someone, anywhere, seriously arguing that any present peaceful multicultural society exists?

If you ask the question, people will start talking about like, Islamic-occupied Spain. And obviously no one thinks that was “peaceful,” it was just a brutal occupation where the Spanish were slaves – but it’s just so long ago that you can confuse people with it.

Hey, a better example of “peaceful multiculturalism” would be slavery in America.

Ain’t nobody’s gonna say that.

But that this is considered “hardcore” – wow.

He isn’t even coming close to any kind of moral judgement, he’s just stating facts anyone can observe.


Peaceful multicultural societies don’t exist and the EU won’t be able to force “equal” migrant distribution on Eastern Europe, where colored people are beaten to a pulp, the Dutch FM said according to a leaked video.

The explosive comments were delivered by Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok during a private meeting attended by some 80 people working for the Netherlands’ international organizations. Footage of Blok speaking to the audience via video link was leaked to the current affairs program Zembla on Wednesday, and the inflammatory remarks promptly spread through the Dutch media.

“I have asked my ministry this and I will pose the question here as well,” Blok can be heard saying in the video. “Give me an example of a multi-ethnic or a multi-cultural society, in which the original population still lives, and where there is a peaceful cohabitation. I don’t know one.

The minister went further and said it might be all fun and games to go to a “Turkish bakery on Sunday” if you live in a well-off part of a city, but a “number of side effects” promptly become tangible if one lives in a migrant-packed neighborhood.

Yeah, that line probably stings.

It is of course the elite and upper-class who like their Turkish bakery Sunday trips who don’t live with these animals who are pushing this agenda.

(And women.)

“You very quickly reach the limits of what a society can take,” Blok stated.

One of the event goers gave Suriname as an example of a peaceful multicultural society. Bok, however, brushed off the claim, branding the former Dutch colony “a failed state.”

“And that is largely to do with the ethnic divisions,” Blok said.

Singapore was then given as an example of such a society. Blok agreed with that to a certain degree, stating, however, that the tiny South Asian country is actually very careful in its migration policies. “Singapore is indeed a mini-country, extremely selective in its migration,” Blok stated. “They do not allow poor migrants. Yes, eventually, possibly for cleaning.”

I don’t know if he was using “poor migrants” as a euphemism on purpose, but both Moslems and black people are basically illegal in Singapore.

That said, yes – White people and the Chinese, with a few Malays to clean the streets, can live peacefully in an tropical ultra rich city-state where you get the death penalty for chewing gum in public.

The minister also casted doubts on whether an agreement between the EU countries on “equal” distribution of migrants can actually be reached. Extreme levels of xenophobia, which allegedly persist in Eastern Europe would not allow the EU to “force through” such a deal, Blok claimed.

“Walk along any street in Warsaw or Prague. There are no colored people. These people are gone within a week, they get beaten to a pulp. They have no life there,” Blok stated. “I don’t think we are going to manage to force through an agreement at a central European level that every country will take the same number of refugees. Eastern Europeans will never agree.”


The Eastern countries are definitely going to jump all over this leak.

It’s a very good thing, to have a Western official on record stating the obvious.

But the fact that this is controversial even a little bit – and the fact he’s going to be forced to resign over it – really let’s you know how deep we are down the death spiral of unreality.

We’re about to hit some kind of singularity of the reality collapse, I’d wager.