Shock as Auschwitz Jews Whine About Fake Holocaust Atrocities in Al Pacino Amazon Show

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2020

The Amazon show HUNTERS, starring Al Pacino as a hunter of Nazis, has led to a backlash for involving fake Nazi atrocities.

At one point the Nazis are playing human chess, and they kill the Jew when a piece is taken.

I would have thought that actually did happen, but the Jews are saying it didn’t happen, and they are mad.

Imagine making up fake things about the Holocaust.

Why would they make up atrocities when there are so many interesting atrocities to choose from?

Such as:

  • The Wall of Eyes
  • The Stairs of Death
  • Lampshades of Human Skin
  • Bars of Soap from Human Fat
  • Homicidal Masturbation Machines
  • Jews Raised by Wolves
  • Changing the Color of People’s Eyes
  • Forcing People to Climb Trees Then Cutting Down the Trees
  • Jews Forced to Impersonate Roosters Until They Fell Out of Trees
  • Babies Thrown Out of Windows
  • Babies Drowned in Buckets
  • Babies Burned in a Bonfire
  • Shooting Three Babies with One Bullet
  • Jews Killed in a Truck by Speeding Around Corners
  • Jews Machine Gunned and Sold as Meat
  • Rollercoaster Into an Oven
  • Waterslides Into a Gas Chamber
  • Kicking Out a Jew’s Diamond Teeth
  • Killing Jews with Bicycles
  • Dead Jews Used to Fertilize Fields
  • Dog Soup
  • Crucifying Jews
  • Jews Crowd-Surfing in the Cattle Car
  • Throwing Jews Into Cement Mixers
  • Nazi Dog Pushes a Jew Woman Into a Pond

All of that is 100% true, and there are videos of Jews saying ALL OF THAT that you can watch on this website.

With all of that true and accurate material to work with, why would you ever make something up?

Al Pacino needs to be punished.

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