Shock as Arizona Election Audit Doesn’t Result in Trump Being Reinstalled as President

I don’t know what this meme means.

I haven’t even bothered reporting on this recount and audit movement, because I knew there was zero chance it was going to go anywhere and that actually getting to the bottom of what is going on would take an extreme amount of time and energy that wouldn’t amount to anything.

I learned from the Russian hacking/collusion/pissing hoax that there is literally zero benefit to knowing a whole bunch of intricate details about a hoax when you already know that it’s a hoax and that the outcome will be that nothing happens.

Just like everyone knew that the Russian collusion thing was a hoax, everyone knows that the 2020 election was a hoax. And just like everyone knew that no one would be punished for hoaxing the Russian hoax, everyone knows that the 2020 election will not be overturned.

So what is there to be learned or discussed, other than totally irrelevant details?

From the beginning, all these audits were going to do was fail. If they were able to get away with stopping the vote count at 3 AM in swing states and boarding up the windows, then they can get away with literally anything.

Unless the entire plan of the Arizona audit was to get mocked in a humiliating way by the gross sicko Will Sommer, then I don’t know why anyone bothered with this nonsense.

By the way, just so you understand – this is Will Sommer:

That is the man who is humiliating you. Based on visual sight, he seems to have similar reasons for supporting the Democrat Party and opposing the right-wing as Vaush. If you catch my meaning there. (To be clear, I mean he looks like a child molester.)

To be fair, there are only actually two reasons a non-Jewish white male would be involved in leftist politics:

  • He is a male feminist with mommy syndrome, and believes that if he serves women, they will eventually have sex with him or at least show him signs of approval, or
  • He’s a child molester

I guess the third reason would be money, but journalists do not make money.

At this point, Donald Trump is basically like a Pet Sematary type situation.

In case you do not recall or were never aware, Pet Sematary is a Stephen King book (and a fun campy made-for-TV movie from the 80s as well as a garbage Hollywood version from a couple years ago) where there’s an ancient voodoo Indian burial ground and if you bury someone there they rise from the dead… but they’re evil.

A father lets his son get hit by a car and decides to bury the boy in the pet sematary, and he comes back… but he’s evil.

Basically, Trump’s political career died when he failed to prevent mail-in voting, which was a result of failing to prevent the coronavirus hoax. But MAGA believers put him in the pet sematary, and now he’s come back as a vaccine advocate who thinks Joe Biden didn’t bring in enough Afghan refugees.

I’ve been arguing since 2015 that Donald Trump should use songs by The Misfits at his campaign rallies. In particular, I said he should come to the stage with the song Scream!

And leave the stage with the song Where Eagles Dare.

But now, I think he should go to his next rally and play “Pet Sematary,” and announce that he’s resigning to become a permanent golfer and just going to hope he doesn’t get thrown in prison.

The last fun thing he could have done would have been to fly to Moscow and declare himself President-in-Exile. That would have led to much hilarity and awesomeness. Instead, he’s going to run again in 2024, when the party who stole the 2020 election has total control over every element of the government.

All of the horrible decisions he’s made since the election aside, no serious person could believe that the people who stole the election from him would let him win the next election.

But he is literally a completely different person now.

For example:

  • Every speech he gives, he shills the deadly Jewish vax
  • He wants more Afghan refugees
  • He endorsed Tim Scott and every other terrible bastard RINO (refusing to endorse Liz Cheney is just the exception that proves the rule)
  • He denounced his own most hardcore supporters as terrorists
  • Etc.

He’s a walking disaster at this point, Pet Sematary style, and he’s sucking up a bunch of energy that could be used doing something useful, like trying to get red states to secede.

All Republicans need to accept that this whole voting thing is over. We cannot simply “vote harder.”

Surely, county elections are worthwhile, and maybe some state elections even, but they’re never going to let you win another presidential election, period. That is a chapter of history that closed last year.

Time to move on.