Shock as an Un-Retarded American Political Dissident Gets Asylum in Belarus

You generally just expect anyone who is associated with Donald Trump or White Nationalism to be utterly retarded, and make the single worst possible decisions in any given situation.

Seeing anyone veer from that pattern is really heartening.

Personally, I feel like my wife has given birth to several dozen kids with Down syndrome and one finally came out normal.

AP News:

An American who faces criminal charges from the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol is seeking asylum in Belarus, the country’s state TV reported, in a move that could further heighten tensions between the turbulent former Soviet nation and the United States.

Evan Neumann of Mill Valley, California, acknowledged in an interview with the Belarus 1 channel that he was at the Capitol that day but rejected the charges, which include assaulting police, obstruction and other offenses. The channel aired excerpts of the interview on Sunday and Monday, and promised to release the full version on Wednesday.

“I don’t think I have committed some kind of a crime,” said Neumann, 48, according to a Belarus 1 voiceover of his interview remarks. “One of the charges was very offensive; it alleges that I hit a police officer. It doesn’t have any grounds to it.” Neumann spoke in English but was barely audible under the dubbed Russian.

Both Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin have used the Jan. 6 riot as a way to accuse the U.S. of a double standard in criticizing other countries, including Russia and Belarus, for cracking down on antigovernment protests.


The protests in Belarus and Russia are literally, openly funded by the West and directed by the US State Department. Coincidentally, these are the exact same people directing the prosecution of the January 6 protesters.

The US federal government claimed that they had confirmed that an election in Belarus that was won by an overwhelming majority was somehow faked with in-person paper ballots, while the US election couldn’t possibly be compromised.

U.S. court documents state that Neumann stood at the front of a police barricade wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat as supporters of President Donald Trump tried to force past officers. Prosecutors say Neumann taunted and screamed at the police before putting a gas mask over his face and threatened one officer, saying police would be “overrun” by the crowd.

“I’m willing to die, are you?” prosecutors quoted Neumann saying to the officer.

Police body camera footage shows Neumann and others shoving a metal barricade into a line of officers who were trying to push the crowd back before he punched two officers with his fist and then hit them with the barricade, according to court papers.

Neumann was identified by investigators after someone who said they were a family friend called an FBI tip line with Neumann’s name and hometown. He was charged in a U.S. federal criminal complaint, meaning a judge agreed that investigators presented sufficient probable cause that Neumann had committed the crimes.

Messages left for family members of Neumann in Northern California were not returned Tuesday.

Neumann is one of more than 650 people who have been charged for their actions on Jan. 6, when pro-Trump rioters attacked the Capitol building and delayed Congress’ certification of Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory.

That did not happen in real life.

The bastion of democracy is collapsing into its own hoaxes.

Neumann told Belarus 1 that his photo had been added to the FBI’s most wanted list, after which he left the country under the pretense of a business trip. Neuman, who owns a handbag manufacturing business, traveled to Italy in March, and then through Switzerland, Germany and Poland before arriving in Ukraine and spent several months there.

He said he decided to illegally cross into neighboring Belarus after he noticed surveillance by Ukraine’s security forces. “It is awful. It is political persecution,” Neumann told the TV channel.

Belarusian border guards detained him when he tried to cross into the country in mid-August, and he requested asylum in Belarus. Belarus doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S.

“We’ve seen Belarusian state media reporting about this individual Evan Newman,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said in Washington.

“Due to U.S. privacy laws, we’re limited in what we can say about individual U.S. citizens,” he added, and referred questions to the Justice Department, which said it doesn’t comment “on the existence or nonexistence of requests for apprehension to foreign governments.”

The Belarus 1 anchors described Neumann as a “simple American, whose stores were burned down by members of the Black Lives Matter movement, who was seeking justice, asking inconvenient questions, but lost almost everything and is being persecuted by the U.S. government.”

Well, the claim that he’s a simple American checks out. But he’s not so simple as most of these retards, who will just sit around waiting to be shoved in prison for fake crimes they didn’t commit.

The fact that Belarus is now giving asylum to Americans being persecuted by the Jews is big news. Belarus is in many ways a surrogate for Russia, but also in some ways much better than Russia. They are not doing the flu hoax, for example, which Russia is doing.

It’s possible that Russia has realized that they need to engage in the culture war of this new cold war, and they’re going to start helping out oppressed Americans a bit more.

The basic fact is that Russia is now classified as an enemy nation by the US ZOG. Another basic fact is that Russia legitimately does share values with the persecuted mass of normal Americans. That isn’t just a convenient or staged thing – Russia does support conservative social values and historic Christian norms.

They have no reason not to help the people of America.

Frankly, Belarus should just start actively encouraging this as a way to push down the members of their own population who are supporting the Western “anus licker and poop sucker” agenda.

Russians are taught by the media to believe that Americans are morally superior to them, and if there was an army of American dissidents on site cheering while that faggot Roman Protasevich was publicly hanged, the normal population would sink into cognitive dissonance.

Haha – he is kind of like the gay Kyle Rittenhouse, isn’t he?

It probably also has to be noted that thus far, Belarus has done a lot more for 1/6 protesters than Donald Trump has. Remember, Trump condemned the people as evil and not his supporters before realizing that he could fundraise atop Ashli Babbitt’s corpse.