SHOCK! 15-Year Old Mentally Ill Girl Kills Herself Because School Wouldn’t Pretend She’s a Boy

Daily Stormer
September 1, 2017

Louise Etherington, pretending she’s a boy

Are you shocked? Because I’m shocked. Who would’ve thought that someone insane enough to think she was a “boy in the body of a girl” would do something else insane like suicide? There’s no way anyone could’ve predicted this.

The Telegraph:

A transgender teenager killed himself after his grammar school refused to allow him to change his name, an inquest heard.

Leo Etherington, 15, was told he could not officially stop being called Louise at school until he turned 16, a coroner was told.

The teenager was said to have been “angry” at the policy at Wycombe High School, a grammar school in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

I can relate to this. When I was 15, every time someone didn’t do something I wanted them to do in the instant I told them to, I just killed myself.

Just normal teenage stuff.

The inquest was told Leo had came out as gay in 2013 when, still going by the name Louise, he began attending the all-girls school. It was after school one day in 2016 that he revealed to his father that he was trans.

She was 11 when she realized she wanted to do scissors with dykes.

Totally normally, goyim. Stop being ignorant.

 The grammar school, which caters for girls from ages 11 to 18, refused to let Leo change his name until he was 16, the coroner was told.

However, friends referred to him as Leo and sometimes as Alex, a name which he had chosen before but decided was too gender ambiguous.

Read that part I put in bold again. You read it? Now read it again.

Are you happy with the world you’re living in?

“The school had told him he had to be 16 to change his name,” Leo’s father Martin Etherington told the inquest. “He said that he was angry with the school. I said we could wait until he was 16 and legally change his name then.”

However, Mr Etherington said that, despite Leo’s anger at the school not letting him change his name, he had a supportive network of friends and family.

No, she had no such thing. She had a bunch of cucks and cowards and retards who encouraged her getting deeper and deeper into her mental illness.

 Leo killed himself in his bedroom at home in High Wycombe when his family believed he was revising for exams.

He had previously revealed to his father, who was a lone parent after his wife died of breast cancer in 2013, that he felt he had been born in the wrong body.

2013… The same year she realized she was a lesbian… Do you have to be a Nazi to make a connection here?

Mr Etherington added that he had always been accepting of Leo, first when he came out as gay and then after saying he was trans. He said that he had heard a programme about transexuality on the radio.

“I talked to (at the time) Louise about this on the way home from school so she would know I was open to talking about it,” he said.

“When we got home, Louise went to the window and started playing her cello. Then she stopped and said: ‘I think I am trans.”

Mr Etherington said that while it took Leo’s brother some time to come to terms with Leo’s gender identity, no relatives had a problem with it.

He said that he and Leo had attended gender identity sessions and that Leo’s GP had said the NHS would not fund gender re-assignment surgery.

“I told Leo I would fund any surgery when the time came,” said Mr Etherington.

Does this sound normal to anyone? Children making such radical (and obviously wrong) decisions, and parents just going with it without saying anything? Does this cuck realize that he’s the main reason his daughter turned into a circus attraction and then killed herself?

For anyone who might be reading that has this type of mental illness – the best you could do is kill yourself. Really.

If you were living in a normal society, I’m sure you’d be able to get the treatment you need (or maybe you wouldn’t have this problem to begin with). In the kiked dystopia that we’re living in, there’s no chance for you to get help. Anybody who’d even try to bring you back to a state of normality through one method or another would be shunned, attacked and in some western European countries probably sent straight to jail. And I can assure you any depression, pain or whatever it is that you’re feeling won’t go away if you insist in your insanity, quite the contrary.

So just kill yourself. Spare yourself (and the rest of us) the misery that others have decided to lock you in without any chance of recovery. It’s the best choice you have for yourself and everyone you know.