Shitlord Sweden Democrats Cockblock Establishment From Forming Government

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2018

I am seeing winning in places where I never thought winning would be seen.

Merkel is finally calling it quits after the establishment parties were brutally BTFO in a local election in one of their traditional stronghold states, shedding more than 20% of the vote to the simultaneous rise of AfD and alt-left parties.

Now, two months after the emergence of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats as a power bloc in Parliament, they have been unable to form a government – something that they usually accomplish in about a week.


The political establishment is showing little appetite for compromise as the nationalist power-brokers are now hoping for a new election almost two months after Sweden’s inconclusive vote.

Mired in gridlock, the speaker of parliament on Monday took over the process on forming a government after more than a month of talks led nowhere. The willingness to compromise has been “limited,” Speaker Andreas Norlen said at a press conference in parliament.

He will now lead group talks, starting as soon as Tuesday with an attempt at forming a grand coalition and then explore three other potential governments: A Social Democrat, Green, Center and Liberal variety; an opposition Alliance and Green Party coalition; and a pure Alliance government.

He declined to set a deadline on the talks. “But its timing is not without end,” Norlen said. “We have to see a vote in parliament at some point. It could be the only thing that breaks the deadlock.”

There’s no set deadline for how long talks can take. The speaker has yet to call for a formal vote in parliament, which has to happen four times before a new election is called.

Jimmie Akesson, the leader of the nationalist Sweden Democrats, on Monday also urged the speaker to speed up the process and bring it to parliament. The analysis within his party is that it would ultimately gain from a new election, he said.

“We won’t allow any government that doesn’t give us influence,” he said.

The acting premier has been trying to lure over two smaller parties in the center-right Alliance, the Center and Liberal parties, to form a majority.

Lofven’s center-left coalition has a one a seat lead over the Alliance, but has no real path forward because the nationalists have tended to support the center-right bloc. The center-right has also painted itself in a corner since the Center and Liberals have said they will not rule with the backing of the nationalist Sweden Democrats due to its neo-Nazi roots.

And what makes them think that the Nationalists want to rule with them?

What is the point of even having a government in Sweden, at this point?

Is it to put the criminals in luxury hotels and provide them therapy and support groups for the trauma of their arson and gang-rape convictions?

Is it to teach Swedish boys to wear dresses and use gender-neutral pronouns in Kindergarten?

Sweden Democrats should not compromise.

Until a government can be formed with a mandate to expel every last parasite and withdraw from the European Union, they should just obstruct as much as possible. Compromising with people who hate us is how we got into this situation.

Political power is a zero sum game. If you can’t get what you want, don’t let anyone else get what they want, either.

If they force a new election, they’ll probably win bigger.

Otherwise, if they manage to keep everything shut down long enough, we could be looking at a Walking Dead situation, with armed Swedes forming into despotic clans to wrest control of Malmo from the ravenous, flesh-eating Somali tribes.

That would be good too.