Shitlibs Take Firm, Principled Stand in Favor of Child-Trafficking

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
July 7, 2018

You think this is sad? Then you might be a Nazi. And by might, I mean you totally are.

For years, liberals and Jews have stayed silent as “conservatives” (Nazis) engaged in a relentless campaign to stop child trafficking.

Well, not anymore.

It’s time to take a stand and refuse to allow the reactionary right to impose their bigoted, Euro-centric views of how children should be reared on the rest of the world.

Kidnapping children and moving them across the border in order to sell them into sex slavery is merely an expression of vibrant latinx culture – not a crime.

NBC News:

Immigration advocates on Thursday criticized the Trump administration’s plan to conduct genetic testing on migrant children and parents separated as a result of its “zero tolerance” policy, saying the move is invasive and raises concerns over what the government might do with the biological data.

Not only could the Trump regime stop child trafficking, but they might actually use the DNA data to develop race-specific bioweapons. And by might, I mean they totally will.

Oh, man, this reminds me of Wing Commander IV. You know, that other scifi franchise starring Mark Hamill.

If you support testing children to ensure whether they crossed the border with their real parents, you implicitly support the development of bioweapons. Remember that.

The federal government will be conducting the DNA tests — via a cheek swab — for every detained migrant child and then seeing if the DNA matches that of their purported parents, Cmdr. Jonathan White, assistant secretary for preparedness and response at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), said Thursday morning.

The move to collect DNA also raises serious concerns about consent for the children involved, said Jennifer Falcon, communications director for the immigrants rights group RAICES.

But what if the child consents, tho?

Hey, the a little tactical anarcho-capitalism never hurt anybody. Not without the NAP being first violated, at least.

“They’re essentially solving one civil rights issue with another — it’s a gross violation of human rights,” she said. “These are minors with no legal guardian to be able to advice on their legal right, not to mention they’re so young how can they consent to their personal information being used in this way?”

How can a child decide whether they want to be sold into sex-slavery by Mexican cartels? They can’t. This is why this decision should be make by qualified and responsible adults, such as child-traffickers. Not by the Nazis in the Trump administration.

She added that the administration’s fluctuating numbers on the number of separated children and the DNA testing showed “they did not do intake correctly and did not keep track of who they were separating.”

She criticized the administration’s reasoning that DNA tests were needed to quickly facilitate reunifications.

“They themselves have said they know where all the parents and children are so I think that’s bogus,” she said. “When people are detained they are fingerprinted already so why do they need DNA swabs if these people wen through the proper intake process when they were detained?”

Yes – exactly.

This is just a transparent attempt by the Trump administration to separate children from their traffickers. And we’re not going to stand for it.


Don’t ever let anybody tell you the left doesn’t stand for anything.