Shitlibs Rip-Off Neon-Nazi Anti-Boomer Meme

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2018

Ever since I’ve been recognized as a diabolical genius (instead of an inbred trailer parker, or whatever they were claiming before), I have been blacklisted from the media. It is considered that the people of the media are simply too stupid to deal with me, and so must indefinitely avoid discussion of me at all. The author of Fight Club endorsed me as hilarious on Joe Rogan and there wasn’t a single media mention.

It is no coincidence that the recognition of me as diabolical genius is also coming along with stealing our memes.

The shitlibs have produced an actually sort of good meme video with baby-boomers telling young people not to vote because they are getting rich from Trump because of capitalism or something.

They use the “we don’t care because we’ll be dead” point that we all keep making about the way the utterly self-absorbed boomers have destroyed our society – but they flip it, making it about global warming (a nonsensical globalist hoax).

My message of course is: young people, DO VOTE.

The fact of the matter is that most young people have nominally shitlibby positions, but this is simply a fact of social proof. Of course they have these views because they are being forced down their throats.

However, the majority of young people with STRONG political convictions are actually right-wing.

That is why they have to put out propaganda trying to get the nominally political to vote. Because the average person under 30 doesn’t care much either way.