Shitlibs Reject Border Wall Funding While Demanding Endless War in Syria for Jews

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 23, 2018

Shitlibs are openly demanding endless war in Syria for Jews while claiming that it is immoral and fiscally irresponsible to spend a little over $5 billion for a border wall.

President Trump’s decision to withdraw military forces from Syria has revealed the unbelievably ridiculous and unprincipled positions of his political enemies. The only positions these people have is to oppose anything he is for and they don’t seem to care how stupid they look in the process.

Now that there is almost nothing left of the Islamic State, what is the exact purpose for having American forces in Syria? Nobody is able to sufficiently answer that question. We just hear some lame bullshit about how we are abandoning our allies and that this will lead to Kurds getting slaughtered.

Outgoing Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill did an interview with the dyke Jew Rachel Maddow on MSNBC pushing this nonsense. Maddow even implied that President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops was part of a conspiracy involving a foreign government.

CNN has been airing numerous segments claiming with no evidence that the withdrawal decision was part of a conspiracy involving President Trump and Russia.

Here’s the reality on the ground. The Islamic State controls just 1 percent of the territory that they controlled in 2015. Even the BBC has published maps admitting this.

Most European capitols have more Islamist-run no-go zones than Syria at this point.

There is also no long term strategy for American military forces in Syria. It’s a complicated region with various tribal conflicts that we have no business being involved in. It’s best to let the Syrian military in conjunction with the Iranians and the Russians defeat what’s left of ISIS. There is no incentive for them to allow a continued ISIS presence in Syria. They will finish the job.

As far as the Kurds go, it is not our responsibility to perpetually defend these people from the Turks or any of their tribal enemies. It’s up to them to fight their own battles.

At least this Times of Israel op-ed gives us some real insight as to why Trump’s political enemies are upset at this move.

Reading Jew-for-Jew papers is always more informative than reading Jew-for-Goy papers.

Israel has viewed the Kurds as a buffer between the Iranians establishing a Shiite belt across the Middle East. They view the removal of American military forces as a weakening of this buffer.

Point blank, this opposition to President Trump’s decision has nothing to do with the national security of the United States. It instead has everything to do with the national security of Israel.

And as we see these fools shill for endless war in the Middle East to benefit Jews, the Democrat Party is staunchly opposing the approval of any money for a border wall. They are telling us that spending trillions of dollars for wars in the Middle East is critical to American national security, but a little over $5 billion to help build a border wall is fiscally irresponsible.

Remember these prototypes? Daily Stormer remembers.

These positions are clearly insane. Building a border wall is of great importance to the national security of the United States. There is a clear and present danger of illegal aliens, drug traffickers, gang members and other bad people entering undetected into our country from Mexico. Maintaining a long term military presence in Syria does nothing for American national security. In fact, one could easily argue that it is a detriment. Not to mention, America’s military presence in Syria is illegal according to international law.

And if you are afraid of terrorists coming from this region to do harm to the United States, a simple travel ban is sufficient. Of course, shitlibs fought like crazy when President Trump tried to enact these types of bans due to “racism” and other gibberish.

No reasonable person can justify shilling for endless wars in the Middle East to benefit Jews while simultaneously claiming that we can’t build a border wall. Unfortunately, we are not dealing with reasonable people. We are dealing with crazy individuals who have been overcome by their hate of President Trump.