Shitholers Speak Out In Shithole Language Against Trump’s Shithole Comment

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 16, 2018

In a world where the mainstream media is scrambling hand over foot to cater to the sensibilities of our new non-White fellow citizens, BBC is at the head of the pack.

They have decided to pivot into the coveted target demo of barely literate “pidgin” speakers from Africa and the Caribbean.

As a result, the BBC is the most capable of pidgin-splaining the feelings of colored folk.

BBC Pidgin:

Plenty reactions up and down dey follow US President Donald Trump talk wey im refer to Haiti, and El Salvador and Africa as shithole countries.

Washington Post, CNN, Politico and other tori people bin broadcast say for inside private meeting wey im do with lawmakers on Thursday on top migration mata, im say “why we dey allow all dis people from shithole country to come here?”

But Trump don deny say im talk dat kain thing.

Dis talk generate plenty reaction as some Africa people talk dia mind for di mata on top social media.

Let’s stop right there and break this down.

  • The US media is upset about Trump’s recent “shithole” comment.
  • Trump does not deny that he made the comment.
  • Black people on Twitter are mad.

The story continues:

But im tweet today say even though say di language wey im bin use for di meeting “tough, but dis no be di language wey im use.”

People wey bin dey di meeting with am say, true-true, Trump talk am.

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin say Trump use di “racist” language and im call some African nations “shitholes.”

Hmm, I’m afraid my bachelors in ebonics doesn’t qualify me to make out that last part. I’ll defer to the masters in nog in the comments section.

But I’m sure it was enlightening. Speaking of which, the top ten stories on BBC Pidgin are:

I am sure number 6 might have had something to do with Trump thinking these countries are shitholes, but who am I to judge?

BBC Pidgin is a nice little glimpse into the future of the West. Stories about racist stores being looted, women throwing poop, and then they have the nerve to say that Trump’s “shithole” comment makes people feel “ginger”  at number two – which I assume is a reference to having to go number two as well.

Fun stuff. I don’t know about you, but I sure can’t wait. A total Lovecraftian world of horrors tbh.