Shilling Continues to Intensify Following Brenton Tarrant’s Hilarious Practical Joke

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 2, 2019

You’ll remember that after that synagogue got shot up in Pittsburgh, the media went nuts for a few days and then dropped it completely when they realized no one cared about Jews getting shot. The public viewed it as just another mass shooting – these shootings happen all the time now – and treating it as something other than just a routine mass shooting made people question why it was that the Jewish media thought Jewish lives were more important than goyim lives.

The New Zealand shooting was a bigger deal, because of the high death count and the novelty of a white man doing a reverse-terrorist attack on Moslems, and thus could have been in the media a long time. But the media still was relatively quick to drop it. That might have had something to do with the Queen Cunt of New Zealand going totally overboard and trying to force convert the country to Islam in response to the shooting.

I think even the Jewish media was like “yeah, this is going to creep people out, we need to take a step back here.”

However, in far-right internet circles, we have a different experience with these events, and we feel the effects much longer than the general public. These events are an excuse for the police state to greatly increase its counter-intelligence operations against anyone who questions the narrative of the Jews.

The Pittsburgh shooter was a total sperg, and had ongoing communications with all kinds of people on the internet, which has already led to people getting contacted by the FBI and is probably eventually going to lead to indictments. It almost led to Gab being shut down, due to how active the shooter was with his real name on that site.

Brenton Tarrant however was a horse of a different color. He was not a sperg. He was not connected to any website, he didn’t leave any traces of far-right social media accounts, he didn’t try to drag anyone down with him. He dropped his manifesto on 8chan immediately before the event, and that was it.

He did allegedly give a donation to Austrian Generation Identity. However, though it was surprising and a little bit disappointing to hear that, it seems to have been caught on the end of GI head Martin Sellner by the Austrian cops, not on Brenton Tarrant’s end by the Australian or New Zealandite cops.

The point is, people who do this sort of thing in an efficient way do not use the internet – they do not taint others with their actions.

Right now, I am seeing everywhere people coming around on forums and elsewhere saying “someone has to do something serious, I’m looking for serious people to do serious things and take this fight to the real world.”

These people posting this stuff are cops, 99% of the time.

The other 1% of the time they are idiots who are being watched by cops and so might as well be cops.

If you press these people, they will eventually admit “we won’t be able to stay inside the law.”

The entire internet is being filled up with these sorts of shills, and you need to be extremely weary of anyone who is trying to “meet up and do real world action” or is even trying to get you to talk about it. If you’re in a room – or even a chat room online – with two cops talking about committing acts of violence and you don’t leave when they start talking about it, you can be charged.

This isn’t a game.

You will be dragged out and put on a show trial and sent to prison as if you had done the same thing as Brenton Tarrant.

You have to be very, very careful right now, and all the way going forward. If you want to do real world activism, do so with a group that already exists, that already has a record for being normal people who don’t tolerate feds coming in and talking about doing bombings.

DO NOT get involved with randos on the internet.

It is always a trap.

And right now, there is an army of these people out there, because after Pittsburgh and Christchurch, their budgets all got quadrupled, and they’re going to get quadrupled again if they can do up some poor dumbasses from the internet for planning terrorism.

Remember that the FBI is deeply tied to the ADL. Remember that Rod Rosenstein is still at the DOJ and he was the one who rammed through the fake charges against RAM. Remember that every other country probably has an even worse situation with this stuff.

Terrorism isn’t a solution to anything anyway. I think it’s unavoidable, but it isn’t a solution. The number one thing that we can do is continue to increase the amount of people who know the only fact of reality that matters: “IT’S THE JEWS.”

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