Shifty Sands: Antifa and the Trump Coalition After the Latest Berkeley Event

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2017

Black Pigeon produced a relatively good analysis of the Antifa problem.

Worth watching. It’s got a little bit of his “moderate” signaling, which isn’t as extreme as Sargon of Akkad’s, but can still be annoying, I know. But his overall analysis is correct: they are warriors for the establishment.

But after yesterday’s event at Berkeley, I’m not really certain how useful or important such analysis even is.

It’s been a weird few months.

Here is the timeline that was supposed to exist:

  • Hillary was to win
  • Donald Trump supporters would rally, protesting Hillary and probably protesting voter fraud
  • The antifa groups, which had formed mainly during the Trump campaign, would attack their rallies and protests, police would do nothing
  • Trump-supporters would eventually give up

Here’s the timeline that happened:

  • Donald Trump won
  • Trump came into the White House strong, attempting to enact promised change
  • The Trump coalition – which involved the Alt-Right, the Alt-Lite, and various other elements – was emboldened
  • Antifa attacked them, then started getting beat-up
  • Trump sold out to the establishment, 100%
  • The Trump coalition is confused
  • Antifa are confused
  • ???????

Yesterday was supposed to be a defining event in the left-vs-right street battle, but instead it wasn’t. It may in fact have signaled the end of the entire thing.

Coulter didn’t show up. Instead, Gavin McInnes rallied people like Baked Alaska, Lauren Southern and Based Stickman to go in her place. Very few people showed-up. Mainly it was BASED black guys, BASED women and the Proud Boys (who appear to mostly be Asian).

Very few antifa showed up, and they didn’t really attack anyone.

Apparently, 7 people were arrested.

But nothing much happened, because very few people were there, and no one had a lot of energy.

So What Next?


I can’t see the Alt-Lite being able to sustain itself in light of the Trump betrayal.

Some of these people are still shell-shocked. You could see this at the rally yesterday, where they were wearing Trump shirts, holding Trump signs, and talking about a wall and deportations. But Trump already said he’s not building a wall (in so many words – he technically said “maybe next time, friendo), and he’s recognized DACA, there haven’t been any mass round-ups and there is no evidence there will be.

As Alex Jones – for all intents and purposes, Jones is Alt-Lite – recently flipped out about, even the Syrian refugee agenda is going through.

All of the civic nationalism “America First” stuff that Trump campaigned on is also gone. He is involving us in foreign conflicts, he is threatening Russia, he is endorsing the entire NATO globalist agenda.

The economic workers’ rights stuff is also gone. He has now endorsed NAFTA, and – I have no doubt – will allow a TPP style trade deal to be reintroduced (back before they got to him, he had shut that down).

The Alt-Lite platform was entirely dependent on Trump, and with Trump now supporting all these things they rallied against, I don’t see that they can continue to exist. Well, they can continue to post on Twitter and make YouTube videos and so on of course, but there is no clear agenda as there is no rallying point, and they aren’t going to be able to grow or maintain support.

If Trump can’t save America through the electoral process, then no one can save you through the electoral process, so the entire philosophical underpinnings of the Alt-Lite – which could basically be summed up as “we need to return to 1980s norms” – have been proven impotent.

The members of this movement are in a state of full psychological collapse. If you want to understand that better, just go check out a few of the threads a r/The_Donald.


Antifa’s energy was also based on the energy of the Trump movement. Their whole deal is signaling in support of the establishment, so when Trump was anti-establishment, talking about shutting down immigration and building a wall and so on, they were emboldened.

But as I say, without the figurehead and with their entire belief system undermined, the Alt-Lite won’t be rallying much longer, so the only people the Antifa can attack are the Alt-Right, and we will be rallying against Trump.

I don’t think they will be able to withstand the “Antifa for Trump” chants very long.


The Alt-Right is the last man standing in the entire new political landscape that was created when Trump bombed Bashir Al-Assad on April 6th, 2017 (22 days ago).

We supported Trump as far as he represented elements of our agenda, but unlike the Alt-Lite, our agenda was in no way limited to him.

We viewed him as a step in the right direction. And all said and done, he did serve that purpose. I have seen people on the internet saying I should apologize for helping get Trump elected, and this is obviously absurd. If I had it to do over again, I’d have done it the same way.

We are in a much, much better place than we would be if Hillary would have gotten elected, for a number of reasons:

  • We rallied people to our movement, while always making it clear to everyone that our movement was not in any way dependent on Donald Trump.
  • Despite the flip-flopping of #HostageTrump, the language he used during the campaign is now normalized. The public discourse has permanently shifted.
  • He is going to do a lot of the stuff Hillary was going to do, but he won’t betray normie GOP principles, such as the First and Second Amendment.
  • He will go much slower than Hillary would have gone on the globalist agenda
  • The Trump flip-flop is being orchestrated by Jews, openly, which serves our agenda of exposing the Jews.
  • We have now fully demonstrated that electoral politics are not a valid method through which to enact political change.
  • We have made ourselves the final solution.

If Hillary had won, we’d have:

  • The First Amendment would be shut down (eventually this site would have to be dark web, and I’d be a fugitive)
  • The Second Amendment would shut down.
  • There would be a much more rapid pace to the globalist agenda (immigration, trade, war).
  • The continuation of the hoax of electoral politics, with everyone talking about how we were going to win in 2020.

It is not only good that he was elected, it is good that he flipped.

In the long run, this is good.

Democracy was never a valid form of government. Now, all the genuine people who were involved in the Alt-Lite are going to come to us.

If Hillary had won, the Alt-Right would have been sidelined by people talking about the 2020 election, if Trump had not betrayed us, the Alt-Lite moderates would have won the majority of dissident support.

(Note: The Alt-Lite probably will do a Southern/McInnes 2020 campaign.)

Now we organize and we move forward: against democracy and against the Jews, with the support of anyone who believes in any kind of real change.

Even the moderates of the Alt-Lite who are opposed to racism now have to recognize that we were right from the beginning and they have to either join us or give up.

It is time to radicalize the masses. The grounds have never been more fertile than they are right now.

Join a Stormer Book Club in your area and start networking.

Make connections, develop brotherhood and strengthen yourself for what is to come.

Spread the message.

We have never been better positioned for victory than we are right now.

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Hail Victory.