Shifty Deep State Shitbag Dan Coats Says He Quit Because Trump Won’t Believe His Russian Conspiracy Theory

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2019

It is just simply unbelievable that they will not drop this Russia hoax no matter what happens.

You’d think the revelation that the man who spent two years investigating the hoax didn’t even know about the company that started it (Fusion GPS), and that basically the entire investigation was a gigantic front for a fishing expedition into every aspect of Donald Trump’s life, would bring at least a short pause to this noise.

But no.

The disgusting deep state (probably pedo, in my opinion) Director of National Intelligence is out there right now saying that he had to quit his job because Trump wouldn’t buy his hoax.

Business Insider:

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats repeatedly found his warnings about the threat posed by Russia suppressed by the White House, The New York Times reported Sunday amid his resignation from the post.

According to The Times, Coats has often found himself at odds with President Donald Trump over Russia, a situation that worsened in recent months.

Coats saw Russia as an adversary to the US, The Times wrote, and pushed for closer cooperation with European countries to counter it, but the White House did not agree.

Several times Coats saw his language on the Kremlin’s activities watered down by the White House, according to The Times.

A secret report by Coats on Russia’s attempt to interfere in the 2018 midterms by spreading disinformation was reportedly altered by the White House. A public statement on Coats’ conclusions contained less critical language than the original, The Times said.

Look at this creepy pervert:

Why should Trump have to deal with this insane conspiracy theory bullshit?

The fact that a bunch of elite child-fucking bureaucrats tell him he should believe it is not a reason to actually believe it. This hoax is obviously designed to harm him and his agenda, as well as to try to push him into a war with Russia (which will also greatly harm his agenda). There isn’t any confusion about what these shills are up to.

They’ve been given all the opportunities in the world to present evidence for their wacky theories, but they refuse. Instead they just claim that they have to be trusted because they’re authorities, and say they don’t need any evidence other than the words that come out of their mouths.

At any point, they are more than welcome to present their evidence. Until they decide to do that, these conspiracy theories should not be taken seriously, and anyone who promotes them should be fired.