Shifty Conman Jordan Peterson Serves as Healer for Jews, Calls on Kavanaugh to Resign

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2018

The shifty conman and alleged satanist Jordan Peterson, known for being brought on TV to timidly say that maybe, perhaps and possibly feminism and transsexualism have maybe, perhaps and possibly gone a tiny inch too far, has gained a huge following among normies for simply regurgitating decades old self-help talking points mixed with watered-down MRA boilerplate.

His brand is built on the idea that white men have a right to not commit suicide. Maybe.

Despite the fact that he has built an extremely successful brand around the very lowest hanging fruit, rallying people around the most agreeable and ostensibly sensible arguments for the continued existence of heterosexual men in society, he has decided to blow the whole show by becoming the healer of the Jews.

You would think that it would be the most obvious thing in the world for a man trying to ride the fence of political correctness to join with the overwhelming majority of men in America and support Brett Kavanaugh against the most high-profile and the most transparently absurd anti-male rape hoax witch hunt in all of human history.

A rape hoax which we all witnessed nearly crush the soul of a man who I can guarantee you has a very, very clean room.

And perhaps supporting Kavanaugh was Peterson’s plan.

But then… he was given the opportunity to become the healer of the Jews.

One Jew Weinstein complained that it was a quandary, arguing that it is clear that Kavanaugh is an evil person, but establishing a precedent of conviction-by-accusation would collapse the entire framework of political discourse.

Another Jew Weinstein agreed with the first Jew Weinstein, saying that a “genius healer” was needed to solve the quandary.

Enter Jordan Peterson to take up the role of “genius healer” with the most absolutely nonsensical take I have seen throughout this entire Kavanaugh debacle – and I’ve seen a whole lot of takes.

Kavanaugh should be confirmed and then resign in shame, says the genius healer.

This is the perfect Talmudic solution to the fact that Brett Kavanaugh is obviously an evil person, but establishing a precedent of conviction-by-accusation would unravel the entire system of legalisms upon which Jews feed.

However perfect a solution this might be for a scholar of the Talmud, it certainly is not what his fanbase wants to hear from a man who has meticulously marketed himself as a calm and reasonable defender of men’s right to exist.

Because despite the fact that a confirmation plus a resignation would solve a Talmudic puzzle, it would do absolutely nothing to solve the issue of witch hunting and demonizing men with unsubstantiated allegations being validated as a legitimate political technique.

On the reality front, this genius healer’s solution would be absolutely no different than if the Democrats succeeded in thwarting Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

The Tweet is only a few hours old, and is already generating a lot of buzz in these tubes.

/pol/ was not at all amused by this political dirty trickery from Peterson, pointing out that he is a foreigner attempting to meddle in our political system on social media and a Jew-lover, and also noting that his slut daughter is an instagram whore (something which we have also noted).

/pol/ and others have for a long time pointed out that Peterson is simply a leftist appealing to right-wingers for the purpose of attempting to shimmy them back into the mainstream fold.

Indeed, this quote from everyone’s second favorite Uncle, posted in that thread, speaks directly to the nature of Peterson.

Whatever Peterson’s reasoning for making this comment, it is a tweet that will haunt him for the rest of his career as a fake self-help guru.

There are three possible explanations for why he would destroy his own brand in such a manner:

  1. He is insane
  2. He thinks Jews will buy his $2000 rugs if he sucks up to them
  3. He is a satanist

Possibly (probably?) all three of those things at once.

Insanity Explanation

Peterson has admitted that he is a completely neurotic mess on all kinds of psychotropic drugs. He has also claimed to have been knocked out for a month by drinking a glass of apple cider.

His written material does not really make any sense, nor do his lectures. Whenever he veers beyond the very most basic points he makes about feminism and taking personal responsibility for one’s life, he begins rambling like a lunatic, doing things like trying to reconcile Nietzsche with Freud, as if this German and this Jew were both attempting to say communicate the same ideas.

Carpet Salesman Explanation

Earlier this year, Peterson, who makes $80,000 a month in donations on Patreon (men paying him to defend them), does paid lectures and sells books, began selling signed rugs for $2000 each.

Despite the fact that the majority of his fans did not want him to do this, he went ahead with it.

It is a disgusting modern abstract art rug.

Currently, he has the rug as his profile pic on Twitter.

Right next to a picture of him holding up some kind of African voodoo mask.

It is clear that no one but the Jews is going to buy that $2000 abstract art rug. So it is logical that he would be cuddling up to them.

The Satanist Explanation

There are a list of reasons as to why someone would suspect Peterson of being a satanist, the primary one of which is his gaunt, evil-looking visage.

One might also note his poor health.

Of utmost relevance is the fact that he appears to be a genuine subversive gatekeeper, working directly with the powers that be to steer young men who are fed-up with the system in a very specific direction – a direction which those who follow him are unaware they are being led.

The mainstream Jewish media is constantly promoting him as the guy you want to go to if you are dissatisfied with the mainstream, while I am the most censored man who ever lived, and even Alex Jones is catching up with me. This is because, as Uncle Ted so brilliantly put it, unlike Jones or this writer, he agrees with the system’s basic values.

He just appeared out of nowhere sometime in 2016, then was a sensation. He was given prompts by the media to shape himself into a hero of the resistance.

In May of this year, the New York Times named him “The Custodian of the Patriarchy.”

The bio was basically a sly way of saying “if you’re a white goyim male and don’t like what we Jews are doing to you, here’s the guy you want to follow.”

Needless to say, a true Custodian of the Patriarchy would be calling for a lot more extreme measures.

It all seems to me to be purposefully contrived. And this is exactly what a satanist would do, as they believe they gain personal power by diverting and absorbing the psychic energies of other people.

Furthermore, he has a house full of weird communist art.

His house also features bizarre satanic abstract art in line with his satanic $2000 rug.

This painting here is apparently more communist propaganda…

…but also looks a bit Pizzagatey if you ask me.

Those are adolescents with their hands bound for some reason. Maybe this is some famous artist that I don’t recognize, and there is some meaning to it which I don’t know, but it is creepy whatever.

He was asked by a Jew why his home is covered in communist propaganda, and his explanation made absolutely no sense whatsoever. I can’t even summarize it.

His home also features various types of above mentioned voodoo masks from various primitive brown cultures, which he will put on for photo shoots for Jewish publications.

Here he is in some modern horror movie type satanic mask – and a cowl – posing in front of his communist art.

And check this right here.

Satanic ritual abuse survivors have almost universally described the use of these types of masks in the pedophilic blood rituals of the satanists.

He has also taken tranny makeup photos and posted them on the internet.

Furthermore, Peterson has been photographed making faces during lectures which appear to indicate demonic possession.

Finally, he speaks very often about a sick kind of co-dependent relationship he has with his daughter, who is an instagram whore, also has mental health issue and is also obsessed with communism.

I’m not going to outright suggest an incestuous sexual relationship, but I will note that if he is a satanist, that is almost certainly the case.

It Doesn’t Even Matter

Though it is interesting to look at and discuss the Jordan Peterson phenomenon in terms of yet another Jewish trick, the fact of the matter is that his decision to weigh in with a Jewish solution to a Jewish problem in the Kavanaugh situation will forever stand as proof positive that he is a complete and utter fraud.

What’s more, it is simple, definite proof, that even the simplest person can see cannot be reconciled with what it is he claims to believe.

Whenever you see a normie shilling Peterson, link that Tweet. It will ensure they move past him and his diabolical illusionism into the real world.