Shift of Pentagon Funds for Border Fence Riles Democrats in Congress, Endangers Goblins

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 14, 2019

Asylum seekers after hearing they may not be able to climb the border fence.

Racist illegalophobic Trump keeps trying to put some kind of border security fence structure in place, even though the poor goblins pouring in just want a chance at a better life.

Good thing our brave Demonrats in Congress keep resisting his white supremacist moves and continue defending valuable goblin lives.

Washington Examiner:

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan’s execution of President Trump’s orders to use money from the Pentagon’s budget to fund border security has irked Democrats in Congress, foreshadowing a contentious Senate confirmation hearing now that Trump has announced his intent to nominate Shanahan for the top Pentagon job.

Senate Democrats were particularly irked that Friday’s congressional notification of the intent to shift $1.5 billion for the construction of 78 miles of replacement border fence came just two days after Shanahan testified before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense and was vague about what projects could be affected by the reprogramming.

“Once again, the Department of Defense has ignored decades of precedent and cooperation with the Congress in carrying out a transfer of funds without regard to any consultation with the Appropriations Committee,” wrote a group of Democratic senators in a letter to Shanahan Friday. “We are dismayed that the Department has chosen to prioritize a political campaign promise over the disaster relief needs of our service members, given the finite reprogramming authority available.”

The letter was signed by 10 senators, including Dick Durbin, Ill; Patrick Leahy, Vt.; Jack Reed, R.I.; and Brian Schatz, Hawaii.

“It’s especially offensive the president wants to raid funds that this committee has voted for to other projects that would support our service members and their families, their military missions around the world,” said Sen. Leahy last week. “If the department decides to cancel projects that we’ve given funding for so they can go to the wall, I supported those projects; don’t expect me to support them a second time around.”

Shanahan told Congress that the shifting of funds wouldn’t have any impact on combat readiness or affect the well-being of troops, but that this is still wrong on some level because it negatively affects the capacity of asylum-seeking goblins to seek asylum.

Three goblins seeking asylum over the border fence.

Getting between legummanoids and their asylum is against human rights because denying them the possibility of getting free stuff in America means forcing them to stay in their own dangerous places, which is the same as putting them in those dangerous places – and putting people in danger is against their human rights.


In the dusty, dimly lit neighborhoods of San Pedro Sula, everyone knows the unwritten rules: There are places you don’t go without permission. If driving, roll down the windows so gang members and their lookouts can see who is inside. It’s safest to stay home after nightfall, leaving the streets to the enforcers and drug dealers who are armed and don’t hesitate to kill.

Honduras’ second biggest city is where caravan after caravan of migrants have formed in recent months to head north to Mexico and on toward the United States, fleeing violence, poverty, corruption and chaos. All of those are palpable on the city’s sweltering streets, a reminder of why thousands continue to flee despite the dangers and uncertain prospects for being able to stay even if they make it to the U.S.

The northern district of San Pedro Sula where Associated Press journalists accompanied police on a recent night is home to nearly 230,000 people with just 50 officers to patrol its 189 neighborhoods, including the most dangerous: Planeta, Lomas del Carmen and La Rivera Hernandez. Deputy police inspector Wilmer López says two drug labs were busted in the area in the last year. He has arrested gang members as young as 9.

Police officers carry handguns and are accompanied by soldiers with assault rifles. “They make us feel safer,” said López, who led the patrol.

He said nine separate gangs are known to operate in this part of town, including the internationally infamous 18th Street and Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13. Both originated in Los Angeles decades ago and spread through deportations to Central America, evolving into hyper-violent transnational organizations that drive the high rates of killing and other crimes in Central America’s Northern Triangle countries — Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Their calling cards are in the graffiti scrawled on homes, and in the bodies they leave behind.

“Some you can tell by their way of killing,” López said. “Like the Batos Locos gang, which bags (its victims), or 18th Street, which dismembers them.”

On this night the patrol largely goes without incident. Police frisk customers at a pool hall and check IDs over their inebriated protests. But around 6 a.m. the first body of the day, a youth with his face disfigured, is found dumped in the Sinai neighborhood just behind the Rivera Hernandez police station.

Residents of San Pedro Sula, the world’s most murderous city four years straight from 2011 to 2014, long ago grew numb to the bodies. Last week alone at least 16 people were killed in the city. According to local media, so far this year there have been at least 25 multiple homicides involving three or more victims.

People are not shocked when someone gets killed,” said Salvador Nasralla, a former opposition presidential candidate who laments that violence has become normalized in Honduras.

See? We can’t put a wall on the border and deny these vulnerable goblins their Jew-given right to live in America. After all, we’re a nation of immigrants — don’t forget that.

We have to keep wasting money and sending resources to the border so we can process all of their asylum claims and finally welcome them to America.

WKBW Buffalo:

Over a dozen Customs and Border Protection officers stationed in Western New York will be temporarily reassigned the U.S. – Mexico border for 60 days.

The moves comes in response to an increase in asylum seekers coming through the southern border, “to help with that humanitarian crisis,” Aaron Bowker, the public affairs liaison for the Buffalo Field Office, said.

Around a dozen, of the more than 1,200 officers part of the Buffalo Field Office, are being reassigned from places like the Peace and Rainbow Bridges to several locations across the southern border. The specific locations were not disclosed to 7 Eyewitness News.

However, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer said reassigning key border patrol officers could have negative economic impacts on WNY given tourism season is just around the corner.

“It couldn’t come at a worse time. In the summer there are backups on the bridges Peace Bridge, Lewiston, (and) others,” he said.

It doesn’t matter that this is our money. We have to keep wasting it to secure the existence of goblins in America and a future for their goblin children.

It’s the right thing to do.