Shekreli or Chuck, I Don’t Care, But Someone Needs to Buy 4chan

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2016


We can’t just let it die, guys.

I’m comfortable with Shekreli or Chuck taking over. Either have my 100% support.

Though I don’t really understand how Chuck could have that much money.


Struggling 4chan has a new gadfly buzzing around. Charles Johnson, the bomb-throwing blogger and agitator, said that he is looking to purchase the anonymous message board notorious for its memes and racist vitriol. The revelation came just two days after pharma executive Martin Shkreli — an online menace in his own right — made headlines after he flirted with the possibility of joining 4chan’s board of directors. Shkreli withdrew his interest on Thursday.

“This is not a troll,” Johnson, whose work as a web journalist has earned him titles such as “Twitter’s most infamous right-wing troll” and “digital Darth Vader,” told Vocativ in an interview. “My team and I can afford buying it. I intend to run it in a caretaker role.”

Johnson’s words appear to be more than mere bluster. William Kaplan, a partner with the New York City law firm Fox Horan & Camerini, told Vocativ that he was making inquiries about the site’s purchase on behalf of Johnson, but would not provide additional details. Hiroyoki Nisimura, the current owner of 4chan, could not be reached for comment.

Nisimura wrote on Sunday that his site, which is largely credited with introducing the world to internet trolling, is struggling to keep the lights on. His post, ominously titled “Winter Is Coming,” explained that low advertising revenue meant he could not continue to afford the costs associated with infrastructure, servers, and network fees.

Nisimura’s announcement quickly attracted a few internet personalities as prospective buyers. Among them was Shkreli, who rose to infamy last year when he raised the price of Daraprim, a life-saving prescription drug, 5,000 percent. In December, he was arrested on unrelated charges of security fraud. The notorious “pharma bro” has since stayed in the news by picking fights with celebrities on Twitter, as well as trolling his enemies and presidential candidates like Hillary Clinton.