Sheboon Nurses Caught Running Senior Citizen Fight Club Ring at Retirement Home

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 15, 2019

Welcome to Fight Club, Boomer!

If this is your first night at the retirement home, you have to fight!

Let me be the first to say it: it is time to start handing over all that stolen money to the kids! Otherwise this is the final stop on your life journey: dementia-fueled senior fight club rings!

News Observer:

Three women who ran a “fighting ring” at a North Carolina assisted living facility encouraged residents to get into a physical altercation, officials say.

They were workers at the Danby House in Winston-Salem in June when they didn’t intervene in a fight between two residents with dementia, according to a report from the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services.

Staff members took video of the fight, which led to “one resident being strangled with her face turning red,” and shared it on social media, the state report says.

It happened when one resident hit another, and the report says staff members can be heard on video saying, “Punch her in the face.”

During the altercation, a staff member asked, “Are you recording? You gonna send it to me?” the report says.

The employees let the fight happen because one of the residents “always caused problems,” the state says.

The fighting incident wasn’t documented in the residents’ records, according to DHHS.

Though the report doesn’t name the staff members, the Winston-Salem Journal identifies them as Taneshia Deshawn Jordan, Tonacia Yvonne Tyson and Marilyn Latish McKey. 



And Marylin:

You might have been able to avoid diversity while you were healthy and hale, living it up in your Boomervilles safe from the ‘groid menace… but you won’t be able to avoid it in retirement. Because of your greed, you let the country be stolen out from under you.

You left no future for your children and grand-children:

And for that, your punishment must be severe.

Winston-Salem police arrested the three women this month and charged them with misdemeanor “assault on an individual with a disability,” WGHP reports.

McKey faces an additional charge after she was accused of shoving one of the residents involved in the fight during a separate incident at the nursing home, according to the station.

Staff took video while McKey pushed the woman “into a room, turned off the light and yelled to the resident to go to sleep, and then closed the door leaving the resident in the dark room,” according to the report.

Also appearing on video was a resident who was on the floor and couldn’t get up, the report says.

It’s really mind-boggling how much abuse goes on in these homes. I would assume that pretty much every nursing home has low-level abuse at least going on in it at any given time. While I don’t think anyone really wants it to end, I wonder how someone would even go about making it end?

Even if you get these bad nurses fired, some new blacks from Jamaica will just take over their jobs and begin the abuse again – although no one can be worse than the US’s native Basketball-Americans.

So it’s not like we could do anything to save the next crop of retirees. Even if we tried. Which we won’t.

The saving grace in all this is that few Millennials and absolutely no Zoomers at all will be able to retire.

In fact, the concept of retirement homes will die out with the Boomer generation. It can only exist in a society with excess wealth and non-existent family units.

There is no way that this situation will continue to exist 50 years from now. If we win, it will only be by coming together and forming communities that take care of their own. If we lose and become Brazil 2.0, well, the favela mutts won’t be able to afford retirement homes and will all live together in one corrugated tin home.

And die in our sixties, as is the natural course of humans.