Sheboon Smashes Bus Windows – Runs Over White Bus Driver

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 1, 2018

You know, people compare blacks to gorillas a lot. I don’t know much about gorillas, but I’ve never heard of them attacking anything unless they were threatened somehow.

Blacks just do it because they’re annoyed.


According to DC police, the woman was captured on cell phone video smashing windows and allegedly running over a Greyhound bus driver in the 1800 block of Bladensburg Road in northeast DC Thursday.

It was around 6 p.m. when a woman driving an Audi illegally passed the bus moving in the same direction on Bladensburg Road.

“You’re a crazy driver, you need to get off the road,” said the bus driver.

The woman pulled out a baseball bat and a carjack and started smashing the bus’ windows.

When the driver stood in front of her car while calling DC police, she allegedly drove into the bus driver several times, injuring him.