Sheboon Judge Gives Ape Who Murdered a White Toddler a Low Bail

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2018

Gyasi Campbell.

This is what happens when you give these monkeys any kind of power.

They will always give their kinsmen the lowest possible punishment regardless of the crime. I cannot understand how normal white people are so calm about a child murdered by a savage.


About 100 people gathered outside the St. Clair County Courthouse on Thursday to express frustration with the court in a case against a man accused of killing a two-year-old Belleville boy.

The toddler, Kane Friess-Wylie, died last year and his mother’s ex-boyfriend was charged in his death. The child’s family has since rallied support from the community under the name “Justice for Kane.”

Friess-Wylie’s paternal grandmother, Joellan Wylie, said the family has an interview arranged with the prosecutor working the case against Gyasi Campbell in the child’s death. Nevertheless, she said she is frustrated at the court process.

Campbell was charged eight months after the toddler’s death with first-degree murder.

Kane Friess-Wylie.