Sheboon Ice Cream Lovers Go Full Ape at Mickey D’s

Daily Stormer
June 29, 2017

Apparently, we can add McDonald’s soft serve ice cream cones to the laundry list of dindu delicacies that are so powerfully attractive to the American Negro that they can in no way restrain themselves from doing whatever is necessary to obtain and consume.

These items generally contain high amounts of either high fructose corn syrup, chemically manufactured trans fats, or both.

For example, have you ever seen properly prepared ghetto Kool Aid?

They love KFC so much that they have made countless rap ditties expounding on their devotion to the Colonel’s tasty battered poultry.

But what happens if one or more of these items is not readily available to the Negro, due to supply and demand, the laws of physics or just routine maintenance?

I’ll tell you what happens.

You get a CHIMPOUT!

News 6 Orlando:

Three customers who were upset that the McDonald’s ice cream machine was down for maintenance charged behind the counter and attacked an employee, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

An employee told deputies that three females, including two juveniles, went through the drive through of the McDonald’s on West International Speedway around 8 p.m. Sunday and tried to order ice cream, according to the incident report.

The employee told the customers that the ice cream machine was down for maintenance, so she was unable to sell it to them, deputies said.

OK, before we get to what happened and why, let’s establish that the perpetrators were just ratchet black hoes and they chilluns, because this kiked out local news station forgot to mention the race of these offended epicureans.

Feast your ears on the 911 call audio.

So, yeah, black people expressing their blackness.

Deputies said the customers then went into the restaurant and saw another customer with ice cream, so they began arguing with the employee.

The employee told deputies that one of the juveniles then threatened to go behind the counter and hit her before the women went behind the counter and charged the employee, hitting her and pulling her hair, according to the report.

In my opinion, the highlighted text there tells the whole story. In my teens and early twenties I did a lot of clerk work, everything from convenience stores to car washes and smut shops (you can read about my adventures as a porn shop employee here), so I have dealt with spontaneous blackness in a retail setting.

Blacks should only frequent establishments with signage like this, indicating that they are down with the coon-munity.

These stupid monkeys were told truthfully that the machine was down for maintenance. I would assume this is a fairly common thing, and only takes a few minutes. When you have machines whipping dairy products and sugar all day you have to keep them clean. They had probably just shut the machine down and then these groids came to the drive-thru.

At that point, one of the blacks, likely the one considered the brains of their outfit, said “AYO, HOL’ UP! DEY JUSS BE TELLIN’ US DAT SHEEIT BECUZ DEY HATE BLACK PEOPLE, GOT DAM RAYCISS RONALD MCDONALD MUFUGGAHS!”

Then, when they went inside, they saw a customer who got his ice cream before they shut down the soft serve machine. At that point, the lulz ensued.


So, in the spirit of MLK Jr. and Rosa Parks, they decided that the only way to deal with this overt, systemic racism from a Nazi fast food clown could only be dealt with in one way, by beating the ass of the poor minimum  wage cashier, because she is White.

It makes perfect sense, but only if you’re a retarded nigger.

But what to do about violent Negroes when there’s no ice cream? I have a couple or three suggestions.

Obviously, these brainless beasts should be sent back to Africa – problem solved, but that’s not happening tomorrow, so in the meantime…

First, if you own a restaurant in a black ghetto with a soft-serve machine, never, ever, ever shut it down for cleaning. Just keep it running, day in, day out, month after month. Just keep filling it with milk, corn syrup, and whatever is in those bags of powdered, genetically modified chemicals and keep serving ice cream to the porch monkeys. They’ll like it better if it’s full of mold and bacteria. Eventually, you will have created a new ghetto flavor of ice cream. Call it “squalor.” You could add some hot Cheetos and chicken batter and call it “Coontown Crunch.”

Lawd, dat do sound refreshin’ an’ sheeit!

If for some reason the local health department tries to shut you down, just go on #BlackTwitter and claim they are racists. Tell the blacks that this cracker honky inspector came in and told you off the record that your ice cream machine was perfectly fine, he just felt – and his supervisors agreed – that “ice cream is too good for dirty filthy niggers.” Make sure to put it in quotes. Black people believe anything in quotes. Provide names, numbers and any other info on these racist bureaucrats you can find.

After all, no one deserves to have racism done to them, especially when ice cream is involved.

If you followed this plan to the letter and somehow your machine isn’t spitting out ice cream, lock all the doors and leave a recorded message to play over the drive-thru speaker. This confuses the hungry Negro, as he is unable to get his treat, but there are no peckerwood bitches to beat up, so they mainly ook and eek into the microphone before trying to figure out how not to starve to death because Whitey done closed da sto’.

Of course, the simplest and most effective way to deal with the blacks is to gas the kikes. Without the kikes, we’ll have these dindus whipped into shape, calling White men “Massah” as they board the cargo ships back to Africa in no time.

Honestly, that’s the only solution.