Sheboon Gets Life in Prison for Fire Murder of Old White Lady

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2018

Mina C. Ellery.

This is ridiculous.

“Let’s give a murdering nigger who burned an old woman to death free room and board for the rest of its life!”

Times Herald:

As 19-year-old Mina C. Ellery heard her sentence – a life term with a minimum of 30 years behind bars – the courtroom was somber.

Ellery pleaded guilty Friday morning to her role in the August 2014 murder of 83-year-old grandmother Dorothy “Dot” Dow.

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She entered her plea in the second floor courtroom of the Meriwether County Courthouse in Greenville. When Superior Court Judge Dennis Blackmon called a recess after the sentencing, several lawyers and court officials had tears in their eyes.

There was grief for so many lives changed – none for the better.

On Aug. 4, 2016, Dot Dow was asleep at home while Kenneth was at a movie. She awoke to discover Ellery, Grady, Harmon and Heard in her home. She was repeatedly asked about Kenneth’s whereabouts and about the location of money. Unable to provide an answer, the elderly woman was cursed and beaten until both arms were broken.

Then, lighter fluid was poured down Dow’s back, and she was set afire.

Telephones were taken from the home, and Ellery pleaded guilty to snatching Dow’s Life Alert device from her neck.

After her attackers left, Dow used water intended for her CPAP machine to extinguish the fire on her back. Despite her broken arms, she crawled across the floor, found a working phone and called 911

Dorothy “Dot” Dow.